Episerver CMS chosen for overhaul of Suunto.com

Suunto designs and manufactures sports precision instruments for diving, mountaineering, training, hiking, skiing, sailing and golf. It sells the products across the world.

Suunto.com is being re-designed and re-built with a completely new look and feel. The evaluation for the new CMS (content management system) started in 2008.
Jaana Åström, Digital Marketing Manager in Suunto says: "We quickly realised that Episerver would provide us with an extremely cost-effective system which included all the multilingual features we need – and will enable us to easily localise content."
Episerver CMS was specifically designed so that also non-technical people can easily manage – create, update and upload - new content for a website. Suunto's digital marketing team will be able to upload new information and content easily
Work on the new site has already started and it is expected to go live by the end of this year. In addition to English language, separate sites in Finnish, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Spanish are also being developed.
In addition to the Episerver CMS, Suunto will also use Episerver Mail, which is a simple and straightforward way for non-programmers to create and distribute well-designed customized emails for any target audience.

Suunto is one of thousands of organisations and companies of all sizes around the world who are saving time and money by using Episerver to manage their websites and intranets. These include Mazda Europe, Setanta Sports and Le Creuset as well as charities such as Save The Children. Two new commercial sites built using Episerver CMS go live every 24 hours.

Peter Larsson, CEO of Episerver, said: "Another world-famous brand chooses us to help improve and better manage their websites. We continue to add new features and tools to make life easier for designers, developers and the non-technical people who update content."

Episerver partner Tietotalo Inforcenter Oy (www.tietotalo.fi) is the technical implementation partner for Suunto.com. Tietotalo is an internet software company that employs 40 professionals in two offices in Finland. Tietotalo´s expertise in content management systems includes .NET based systems such as Episerver. Tietotalo has senior level competency in implementing Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server and Microsoft Office Project Server solutions. Tietotalo offers a full range of services for these solutions. Tietotalo is also a leading provider of technical solutions for Travel industry in Finland.