Episerver Combines Commerce, Content and Community

CHICAGO, IL – December 14, 2009

Partnership with Mediachase Enables an Episerver Trifecta to Drive Online Customer Engagement, Transaction and Retention

Episerver, the world's fastest growing provider of platforms that drive online engagement, today announced the addition of a complete, integrated e-commerce platform to its existing web content management and community platform. Through a strategic partnership with Mediachase, the Episerver platform is uniquely positioned to power commerce, content and community, enabling companies in the retail and B2B vertical markets to advance their competitive position through a compelling online experience.

The addition of an e-commerce solution to the Episerver platforms changes the dynamic and accelerates higher value results, in comparison to the integration model used to create most online stores today. The Mediachase .NET e-Commerce Framework (ECF) provides an agile best practices architecture, complete with user experience controls, loosely coupled subsystems, like catalog management, order management, customer management, merchandising, promotions, and a fully exposed .NET developer framework (API). Combined with the extensible Episerver content management system (CMS) and Episerver Community platform, .NET web developers can rapidly build and deploy state-of-the-art online stores, including multi-branding, multi-language, and multi-channel capabilities. Marketing tasks are streamlined through an easy-to-use interface and new capabilities to correlate visitor feedback and experience with store operation and order status, at every step of the process.

"Our large developer community and expanding customer base provide critical feedback that influences our product direction," said Peter Larsson, Episerver CEO. "We have responded to their requests by adding e-commerce capabilities to the Episerver platform. Many e-commerce solutions on the market today have as many as 20 integration points, which extend the time and cost to develop and maintain an e-commerce site. Our objective is to shorten the online sales cycle by providing a game-changing set of features to marketers. Our partnership with Mediachase helps us rapidly achieve this objective."

Lightmaker President, Ben Philyaw, commented, "The combination of content, community and commerce is a significant advancement for the industry. Our customers value the engaging web experience that Episerver enables us to deliver. The addition of e-commerce to the platform will further enable us to develop retail sites with that same level of engagement." Lightmaker is a leading interactive agency and Episerver partner.

"The relationship between Episerver and Mediachase is breaking new ground in ways the CMS market has never seen," stated Chris Lutz, Mediachase President and CEO. "We are excited to partner with Episerver, to build on the success of our ECF product in the market, and to expand the capabilities offered to systems integrators, full service marketing agencies and IT organizations. This powerful combination provides the best of 'buy and build' together in one offering."

The Episerver and Mediachase platforms are available now. The Episerver integrated e-commerce platform is expected in the first half of 2010.

About Mediachase

Mediachase designs, integrates, and builds innovative software solutions and tools for companies needing to streamline internal and external business activities. Mediachase is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and currently has offices in Washington, D.C. and Kaliningrad, Russia. Mediachase is a privately held company established in 1997 with a global client base of installations.