Episerver Marketing Arena Enables Dynamic Web Experiences

Chicago, Illinois – September 9th, 2009

The era of the traditional Web 2.0 website is gone. In today's social economy, marketers must embrace the new era of the Engaged Web by creating dynamic, measurable web experiences that attract the right audiences and drive them to action. To support marketers' need for capitalizing on their web traffic, Episerver, the world's fastest growing provider of platforms for Web Content Management (WCM) and online social communities, today unveiled Episerver Marketing Arena. The powerful new release of integrated marketing modules and services let users quickly create, manage, monitor and optimize web campaigns, and as a result generate relevant traffic and sales leads.Episerver Marketing Arena comprises powerful integrated marketing modules and hosted services designed to meet the individual needs of marketers. Marketing Arena makes it easier for marketers to deploy more relevant and effective campaigns, track the success of those campaigns in real-time and capture the lead generation data and feed to the CRM solution and increase sales. And, because Marketing Arena is integrated with Episerver CMS, users never need to export data to and from 'silo' applications, as the most up-to-date data is made seamlessly available at all times.

"To attract and retain the right visitors, today's websites must offer far more than passive brochure-ware. They must instead embrace the Engaged Web by promoting important two-way communications," said Peter Larsson, CEO Episerver. "Episerver Marketing Arena uniquely provides marketers with the tools they need to take their online presence to the next level, enabling them to embrace all of the critical facets of the Engaged Web."

Episerver Marketing Arena Features and Benefits

CMS Integration

For many successful marketers, the best place for creating, tracking and monitoring web content, campaigns and landing pages is inside the Content Management System (CMS) – where the content itself is created. Stand-alone marketing automation and CRM tools cannot provide the level of integration, transparency and ease-of-use that a CMS platform with marketing in its DNA can. Episerver Marketing Arena reside inside the CMS, so users never need to glue tools together, import data files, re-enter rule sets, retro-fit web content or go to the IT department for every little change.

Campaign Tracking and Optimization

Effective web campaigns are always tested, but until now, testing and monitoring campaigns has been too complex to fit into a normal marketing workflow. The Episerver Campaign Monitor and Optimization (CMO) module within the Episerver Marketing Arena provides A/B testing to ensure the best possible conversion rates, full web analytics and a simple way to create and analyze campaigns and landing pages rather than whole sites. This means marketers can track campaign performance in real-time, generate reports, watch live visitor traffic with the exclusive EPiTrace view and track campaigns from an iPhone with the EPiTrack App.

Dynamic SEO

A combination of SEO reporting tools, automated best-practice advice and integrated SEO guidance for editors, The SEO service included in Episerver Marketing Arena works during the two critical points in the web publishing cycle: when developers create and code pages and when web editors add new content. It runs keyword analysis and page stats for every page, maps out a search scorecard to help users devise an action plan for SEO improvement, delivers prioritized action lists for developers, and Digital Visibility reports that define how 'findable' content is from both outside and inside a website.

Web Prospecting & Personalization

In a B2B environment, knowing who is on your site and what pages they are visiting is a powerful sales and marketing asset. Episerver's B2B modules are easy-to-use services in the Marketing Arena that use Dun & Bradstreet lookup to tell you what company, industry and geography each visitor comes from. You can find new prospects, existing customers who might be interested in additional products. By serving relevant content and information to visitors, marketers will improve the level of visitor engagement, increase conversion rates and extend customer loyalty.

Episerver Marketing Arena makes it easy for marketers to rapidly develop Web sites that are personalized for each and every visitor, turning the concept of the Engaged Web into reality.


Episerver Marketing Arena ships today.

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