Episerver Relate provides social media features and e-mail marketing

London, March 10 2009

Episerver today announced the general availability of Episerver Relate+ - a new package which combines the latest social media and web 2.0 features with Episerver's award-winning web Content Management System (CMS).Relate+ provides organisations and their interactive agencies with everything they need to build and manage websites and intranets – and create and work interactively with online communities. It combines community building, email composition and maintenance, and a CMS in one package.
Episerver Relate+ contains a template package in the form of a ready-to-use community, inspired by Facebook, which can be adapted to customer-specific needs. This means that the online social community can be up and running very quickly.
Episerver is the world's fastest growing provider of platforms for Web Content Management Systems. More than 8,500 websites worldwide use Episerver CMS, and every day two new sites built using Episerver go live.
Two of Episerver's most successful platforms and tools are part of the Relate+ package:

Episerver Community - which to date has been used to build more than 100 successful online communities with more than five million members. These include the community of VisitSweden which was recently named as the best website in Sweden at the 12th annual awards of Internet World, an IDG magazine.

Episerver Mail - a simple and straightforward way for non-programmers to create well-designed customised emails for any target audience, large or very selective, with no need for any additional hardware or software.

The foundation for Episerver Relate+ is Episerver's award-winning CMS - used today by more than 130,000 web editors on 8,500 websites across the world. It is now easy to mix controlled content from Episerver CMS with the dynamic and user-generated content which will appear in Episerver Community.
Episerver's CEO Peter Larsson said: "The emergence of social media has changed the on-line communication landscape. Organisations with brands that engage their customers are looking for new ways to create meaningful interaction. It is time to move away from managing just content, which any CMS can do. Relate+ enables organisations to manage context, communities and customers, as well as content."