Episerver acquires Dropit product family

More than 6,000 Web sites worldwide use Episerver CMS, and every day two new sites built using Episerver go live. The company, which was founded in 1994 in Sweden, is currently in expansion mode. During the last 12 months, license sales grew more than 40 % and Episerver is now undertaking a series of acquisitions to broaden and strengthen its proposition.

Dropit's main product, Extension, called X3 in its latest version, was specifically developed for Episerver CMS following requests for this functionality from Episerver's customers. Extension has been integrated within Episerver CMS for more than four years - and has been used by around 80 Episerver customers to date including Aegon and Pfizer. X3 makes it quicker and easier for web editors to administer and alter their sites. For example, page layout can be changed in an instant by dragging and dropping different 'blocks' into place. Text, images and film can also be included and moved around freely.

Peter Larsson, CEO of Episerver said: "We are expanding fast for the simple reason that organizations around the world realize that our award-winning CMS helps them create vastly superior websites – at a lower cost in less time and with less hassle. Dropit's products sound simple but they are incredibly sophisticated and will continue to give us an edge over our competitors."

Two people working in the product organization at Dropit will join Episerver. The acquisition also encompasses a number of other products which Dropit has developed as add-ons to Episerver CMS.