Episerver Announces MobileCenter iPhone/iPad App

London, UK – October 4, 2010

CMOs, Interactive Marketers, Content Publishers and Web Developers Can Monitor the Health of their Web Properties via Graphical Dashboards and Update Content in Real-Time

Episerver, the world's fastest growing provider of platforms that drive online engagement, has launched the Episerver MobileCenter App for iPhone and iPad. The App, a mobile version of Episerver OnlineCenter, is designed to give interactive marketers, content publishers and Web developers greater control over their online properties, MobileCenter is an efficient way for users to keep a pulse on all of their online channels in one place and make dynamic decisions about content.

The application features a first of its kind dashboard for the iPhone and iPad, enabling business users, such as CMOs, social marketers and ecommerce managers, to monitor traffic sources, conversions tied to digital marketing campaigns, social sentiment and related metrics and KPIs. Using the application, users can also change content, quickly upload pictures, publish news articles and manage forms.

MobileCenter is the portable extension of Episerver OnlineCenter, which lies at the heart of Episerver CMS. OnlineCenter provides an easily accessible dashboard from which users can manage all their online activities, including Web sites, branded social networks, email marketing and other marketing automation tools and ecommerce sites. The MobileCenter App provides access to OnlineCenter features through small customizable open source plugins, or gadgets, many of which are conceptualized and created by the more than 10,000 members of the Episerver World online developer community.

"Imagine the power of updating your news story with the latest breaking developments while riding the subway into work. Imagine monitoring the real-time data on conversion rates related to your latest online marketing campaign while standing on the 9th tee. That's the power of Episerver MobileCenter," says Bob Egner, Vice President of Global Marketing at Episerver. "With the increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile applications, it is natural that marketers will want greater control of their online presence wherever they might be. We've identified this need and, working closely with our customers and partners, have put in place a solution that helps facilitate key tasks and processes."

Episerver MobileCenter is available immediately from the Apple App Store. The MobileCenter gadget is free to licensees of Episerver CMS and available here.

For further information:

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mobile: +1 630 624 2345


Maria Wasing, VP of Marketing Europe,

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