Industrial giant Sandvik Materials Technology launches new website

Sandvik Materials Technology, part of the Sandvik Group, recently launched a new website for its Kanthal-branded heating technology products and services to drive more business.

The new website with increased functionality and features is built on Episerver, a leading provider of platforms that drive online engagement.

Sandvik Materials Technology was eager to create an accessible site with high levels of usability to increase conversions and sales. The Sandvik Group's products and services are available in more than 130 countries around the world and one of the main purposes of the new Kanthal website is to increase the number of leads. Sandvik Materials Technology's web team has invested time in search optimization, increasing the number of pages indexed and early signs show improved search rankings.

As Joakim Karlström, Web Communications Manager at Sandvik Materials Technology explains:
"The Internet will play an even bigger importance in our marketing. Over 90 percent of visitors to our website list the Internet as their primary media channel. The new Kanthal brand site is part of the big effort we are making to further strenghten our brands."

One of the benefits of the new website is the ability to search for products based on a large number of applications. Visitors get a simple overview of what products are available in any specific usage area. Also it's now much easier to find contact information and to share information using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Kanthal site scores well on usability. In a study of the usability of industrial B2B websites *) the average score is about 60%, and the goal for the new Kanthal-branded site is to score over 90%.

Martin Henricson, CEO of Episerver says, "Sandvik Materials Technology drives results through innovation, and they have adapted this strategy for their online presence. They understand how central online is to a global brand such as their Kanthal brand and now have an advanced website which promotes greater visitor engagement and features social media functionality. With clear navigation and tagging, the site also scores very highly in both accessibility and usability."

With the future-proof WCM solution from Episerver, Sandvik Materials Technology will build on its initial success by introducing other languages and incorporating rich media, such as video, to make the Kanthal website even more engaging.

The Kanthal website is developed by NetRelations. In 2011 a new website covering Sandvik Materials Technology's whole range of products and services will be launched.



*) Nielsen Norman Group. Loranger H, Nodder C, Nielsen J. "B2B Website Usability - Design Guidelines for Converting Business Users into Leads and Customers", Fremont - USA, 2006