Partner LTD launches new site to encourage customer engagement

As one of the largest telecom mobile operators in Israel and known for its customer-centric strategy, Partner LTD (Operating under the Orange™ brand) wanted to improve its online user interface to encourage greater user engagement and deliver services that its customers were looking for.

Episerver's solutions partner Netwise Applications consolidated Partner's multiple sites and domains all onto one platform. Partner LTD, a large mobile operator, also has an innovative service that allows direct viewing of video content, and a music store where users can listen to unlimited songs, so it was an important strategy that the company could target different content to a number of different audiences. Another important consideration was Episerver CMS's ability to manage multiple languages, namely Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English.

Editors can publish news for different target audiences and different output channels using dynamic content, where content can be pulled from one source and output to many different places,.

"Episerver CMS was the perfect choice for us", comments Raz Bartov, Head of Portals and Internet development department in Partner LTD, "We found that the platform works intuitively, can be expanded and customized and easy for non-geeks to use. From development perspective, we found that Episerver CMS makes your life much easier and speeds up the time it takes to develop a feature-rich accessible website."

Yaki Gannon, presales and product department manager at Netwise, says, "Episerver was the natural choice of CMS for Orange, with its ability to manage multiple sites, multiples domains and multiple languages from just one platform. Editors at Orange find it easy to edit, update and maintain content on the site and as it scales to incorporate more pages and more languages, it is safe in the knowledge of having a reliable and flexible CMS to handle its online growth."

"Having transferred its many sites using Episerver CMS, Orange is able to deeply engage with its customers, maintain its brand consistently as well as having, a simplified yet powerful content management capability," says Daniel Maurer VP Sales, Episerver.