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3 Things Missing From Walmart's Strategy To Beat Amazon

Episerver's Ed Kennedy chats about how Walmart has been effectively expanding the scale and scope of its offerings through a growing number of subsidiaries. 

Personalisation in the Non-Sexy, Non-Ecommerce World of B2B Manufacturing

The B2B manufacturing world often resorts to brochureware and generic content, and we may never reach “add oil rig to cart,” but this is an industry with high-value, low-volume transactions and there is a vital role for personalisation—through intelligent technology andaudience understanding—to play in creating commercial success.

TechBytes with Ed Kennedy, Sr. Director of Commerce, Episerver

Earlier this year, Episerver published a report, “Reimagining Commerce.” We spoke to Ed Kennedy, Sr. Director of Commerce at Episerver, to understand how businesses should prepare to provide experiences beyond transactions.

Five myths about Black Friday

For some, the thought of grabbing the best bargains of the year can set the pulse racing; for others, the notion that the day after our national Thanksgiving should be dedicated to shopping is offensive. We can’t agree on how the day got its name, much less what it means for retail or for our culture. Here are five widely held beliefs about Black Friday, and why they need to go away.

How To Win Black Friday Weekend: Strategies And Stats From 13 Retail Experts

Retail TouchPoints reached out to analysts and solution providers for their advice and predictions about the behaviors shoppers will exhibit during the make-or-break kickoff to the holidays, and how retailers can maximize their potential sales. 

The Privacy Paradox And The Marketer's Dilemma

According to the 2018 “Reimagining Commerce” report by Episerver 27% of UK marketers say they believe privacy is an “outdated concept,” whereas, 94% of  UK consumers said they’d be unwilling to provide their personal data for “more relevant, personalized product recommendations.”

Why Marketers & Merchandisers Should Leave IT’s Basement

While some parents would prefer their children live with them forever, others seek drastic measures to force an empty nest such as the parents who recently won a court case to evict their 30-year-old son. In the workplace, there’s another relationship dynamic that could change for the better with a little distance and trust.

Fast search and free shipping top the list of ‘ecommerce must-haves’ this Christmas

Fast search functions and free shipping are the keys to ecommerce success this holiday season. That’s according to a new research report from Episerver, outlining the 26 best practices for online retailers this Christmas.

One on One: James Norwood Has Been Thinking About 2019

James Norwood, former CMO at Episerver, is now Chief of Staff, responsible for product and pipeline. In this candid conversation with Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief of DMN, he discusses the consolidation of content marketing and commerce, and the big topics marketers should be thinking about in 2019.


The Resurrection of SoLoMo for Today's Brick-and-Click Shoppers

Has Amazon finally gotten the right mix of social, local and mobile strategies right with its 4-star store? Ed Kennedy explores what this new storefront means for omnichannel retail. 

Attributing Conversions to Campaigns: What Can Attribution Do for Your Marketing?

In the same way that the advertising industry is handcuffed by faulty attribution models, marketers are struggling to attribute conversions to campaigns that their teams have run.

DMN 40Under40 2018: Edward Kennedy, Senior Director, Commerce, Episerver

This year's group of DMN 40Under40 winners have a few things in common. Well yes, they're under 40. Also they have a proven track record of marketing excellence and leadership, whether they're in roles supporting global brands, or leading their own thriving start-ups. Over the next few weeks, you'll get to know our winners, and what they've accomplished. 

What B2B manufacturers can learn from B2C about omnichannel marketing

B2B manufacturers should take a page from their B2C counterparts and dig deep to gather and analyze buyer insights to inform sellers about buyers’ content and channel preferences.


Do Enterprises Undermine the Sales Potential of Content Management Systems?     

MarTech Series wanted hands-on information about industries that can further leverage CMS. James Norwood, Executive Vice President Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer at Episerver, spoke exclusively to us to share his thoughts on the subject.

How IT and Marketing Can Avoid Becoming History’s Next Big Rivals

The window for marketing and IT to prioritize collaboration is quickly closing. Fortunately, organizations can see overnight improvement if they make immediate changes.

What marketers should consider when using customer lifetime value (CLV)

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is considered one of the most important factors in determining a business’s present and future success. However, less than half of those surveyed for our research said they were able to measure CLV.

The ABC’s of Digital Transformation for Retailers like J. Crew

Whether it’s halting all operations like Toys R Us or perpetually closing stores like Sears, many retailers are scrambling, more often than not, to pay back millions of dollars in debt and strategize to see another day. 

Banks need to get with the idea of mobile-first before its too late

The financial services sector has traditionally been slow to adapt to new technology trends. Why should it?  In the past banks experienced low-churn rates partly because of the hassle of changing between providers was difficult. 

Insight Venture Partners’ $1.16 Billion Acquisition of Episerver

The transaction, in which Episerver worked with advisors Goldman Sachs and Lazard, Houlihan Lokey acted as special advisor to Accel-KKR, and Insight Venture Partners was advised by Evercore and Willkie is expected to close in Q3 2018.

Vendor Insights on Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM 2018

Earlier this summer, Gartner released its annual Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management 2018, showing us where the perennial players placed this year compared and who joined the ranks of WCM platforms that are leading the way in innovation and execution. 

3 Ways in Which AI Could Enhance Your Company's UX

User experience (UX) design is about making digital experiences easier by removing the hindrances that can lessen the ease of communication between the business (website) and the user.

Amazon Takes Swipe at Etsy, Lures Small Business Sellers with Storefronts

Ed Kennedy weighs in on Amazon's new Storefronts, a site that lets shoppers browse from a curated list of more than 1 million items sold by 20,000 small-to- medium-sized businesses in the U.S., bears a passing resemblance to leading artisan site and competitor Etsy.


3 Common Myths That Could Be Wrecking Your Mobile Banking Program

Financial marketers need to question the conventional wisdom about tech in general and mobile specifically. Case in point: Not every financial service may need a full-fledged mobile app. Newer technology can deliver the same experience without gorging consumers' device memory.

How Brands Can Create Personalized Experiences for Each Local Market

As the saying goes, location is everything, but organizations are missing one of the most critical elements of personalization. Brands must understand why personalized information is important by putting it into context to create a better UX.

The Monday Stack: Precision and Scale

In case you missed it, Episerver, another vendor we've been paying close attention to, was acquired last week by Insight Venture Partners, an private equity firm which specializes in innovative software companies. I contacted CMO James Norwood for more details.

Episerver gets a new owner, eyes faster growth

Insight Venture Partners, an investment firm focusing on high-growth software companies, has agreed to purchase e-commerce and content management software provider Episerver in a deal valued at more than $1 billion.

Insight Venture Partners Acquires Episerver for $1.16B, Demandbase Updates, More News

The digital experience software space saw its latest billion-dollar private equity investment this week. Insight Venture Partners acquired Episerver in a deal valued at $1.16 billion, according to an Episerver press release. 

Episerver Acquisition Marks Huge Investment in Digital Experience

There has been great momentum surrounding Episerver the past few years but if anyone thought it would slow after they coined 2017 their ‘Year of Hyper Growth’ they were mistaken. Yesterday, Episerver announced they had reached an agreement to be acquired by Insight Venture Partners at a valuation of USD $1.16 billion. 

Insight Venture Partners to Back Marketing-Technology Platform Episerver

Insight Venture Partners is buying a majority stake in digital marketing company Episerver in a deal that values the business at $1.16 billion.

Insight Venture Partners buys content management platform Episerver for $1.1 billion

Episerver, the Irvine, Calif.-based company that provides services for marketers to manage content, was bought by Insight Venture Partners from the private equity firm Accel-KKR for a cool $1.1 billion.

Insight Venture Partners to acquire Episerver

Digital experience management vendor Episerver has announced a deal to be acquired by private equity firm Insight Venture Partners. The deal values Episerver at $1.16 billion.

Dunkin' Donuts adds voice-enabled orders with Alexa skill

Dunkin' Donuts has been very active in extending its service through various mobile platforms to reach on-the-go customers and develop loyalty with its DD Perks app, with its Alexa integration just the latest example. 

Meet Your Customer Before Deciding Your Next Mobile Strategy

From checking account balances to choosing a mortgage, consumers are more comfortable than ever managing finances on the go; they’ll be the first to tell financial marketers, however, that not all experiences are created equal.

Interview: Episerver’s James Norwood on the State of Web Content Management

Writer and editor Tess Hanna connects with Episerver's CMO to discuss how WCMs can fuel growing trends and support brands whose users are increasingly concerned with their privacy and security. 

How IT and Marketing Departments Can Work it Out … Even in the Cloud

Marketing teams and IT departments are now blended in the wake of the migration of web content from “infrastructure” to “marketing asset,” and the result is a difference of priorities and perspectives.

James Norwood: The Next Stage for Digital Experiences Is ‘Irresistible’

China Martens chatted with Norwood about “irresistible” digital customer experiences, the progress organizations are making on their personalization endeavors and how companies can take advantage of emerging technologies.

The Wednesday Stack: Really Big Data, Magic Quadrants, And Reading The Fine Print

Will Gartner ever stop coming up with new magic quadrants? Not, it seems, while technology strategies and solutions continue to proliferate. Here comes the first Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines which ranks SaaS and PaaS providers on their ability to deliver prized 1:1 engagement for brands. 

The Information: Only 2% of Alexa users reportedly purchase off the devices

A study by Episerver showed that 39% of consumers now own a voice-assisted device, but 60% never browse the internet using them and fewer use them to complete purchases.

Kroger’s Efforts to Connect Online & Offline Experiences Set Standard for Supermarket

To find out more about how digital efforts are boosting Kroger’s bottom line, helping the company exceed analyst expectations with a $2 billion profit on revenue of $37.5 billion, Street Fight spoke to Ed Kennedy, senior director of commerce at the global software firm Episerver.

Gartner’s first MQ report on Personalization Engines points to the category’s robust evolution

Descendents from product recommendation engines, personalization platforms are growing into experience deciders and managers for all environments.

Email Rules For Back-To-School

The back-to-school season is here. And while children may dread it, retailers love it -- and many are off to an early start. They have been emailing customers and using personalization, both in emails and on their websites.

Amazon's Prime Day SNAFU: 3 Ways Grocers Can Use it to Their Advantage

Consumer fickleness always has been an opportunity for grocers, meaning competing grocers can use the Prime Day SNAFU to their ecommerce advantage.


Study: Voice investment plans don't align with preparedness

A study by Episerver found that consumers have been slow to adopt voice-assisted devices for shopping. Nearly 40% of consumers now own such gadgets, but 60% never browse the internet using them, and fewer use them to complete purchases.

When it comes to privacy, California is out front. Will the rest of the country follow?

Because California has one of the largest economies in the world and the largest in the United States, it definitely has a "reciprocal effect on other states," Peter Yeung, general counsel and VP for Episerver, told CIO Dive in an interview.

Is it time to break up with your commerce platform?

Like most business matters, the stay-or-go dilemma centers around time and money. Is it worth the investment to replatform entirely? Here is a 7-point audit that can help you decide if it’s time for a new e-commerce platform.

The 5Ws of Experience-Driven Commerce [Infographic]

Only 17% of people say shopping is their primary purpose when they visit a brand's website for the first time, according to a recent Episerver report: Reimagining Commerce: Global Findings

Episerver Hires Microsoft Dynamics Channel Veteran Mike Rogers

Digital commerce, content, and campaign management vendor Episerver has hired Microsoft channel veteran Mike Rogers as partner sales manager to drive their Dynamics business.

Kroger's online sales up 66%. Amazon and Walmart have a real competitor

People are increasingly buying groceries online. And many retail experts believe the digital supermarket battle will come down to Amazon versus Walmart.

The 3 Steps to Make Sense of the User Journey

Life would be easier for marketers and merchandisers if a person came to their website, found what they were looking for and checked out without distraction. Conversion rates would be near 100 percent and everyone would be happy, right?

TechBytes with Jeff Cheal, Director, Personalization, Campaign and Analytics Strategy, Episerver

Content creation practices are under a constant pressure to perform and deliver to meet sales expectations. The biggest factor to achieve ROI is — Content Personalization. Let's better understand how marketers can align their ducks to create ‘content that turns heads.'

Onerous Ecommerce Checkout Processes May Be Driving Millennials Away

Millennials and younger consumers are pushing the envelope on how frictionless they want ecommerce and online shopping to be—make it as frictionless as possible, but still embed the type of purchasing signals the consumer would need to see.

GDPR Ushers in New Era of Customer Empowerment & Engagement

GDPR is to marketing what Sarbanes-Oxley was to finance and what mobilegeddon was to small businesses – with all of the associated overhead in cost and administration – but it’s worthwhile, and it will benefit the companies that see it as an opportunity.

Authentic reviews are three times as important for online shoppers as product imagery

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of UK shoppers believe that seeing reviews from other customers is an important part of their decision-making process when making a purchase online, according to new research.

The 7 stages of GDPR grief

Remember Y2K and the horror that hit the tech community when January 1, 2000 was approaching and everyone realized their 2-digit year data fields would revert to 1900? There was a mad scramble to update all systems in time. Well, May 25, 2018 represents another date of horror for the tech community.

A Fair Review of the Top Web CMS Platforms - Episerver

There’s an overabundance of “how to select” articles, whitepapers and blog posts to choose from online, but we wanted to highlight a few things that may not be widely discussed or focused on enough in the process.

86% of UK shoppers will swap personal information for improved online customer experiences

Across the board, UK shoppers are coming to accept that personal information is worth swapping for improved shopping experiences, with 86% agreeing they would volunteer personal data for improved privacy, faster shipping and greater discounts and deals.

Why Amazon is struggling to reach Gen Z

Though Amazon’s retail stronghold continues to pose a threat to companies both large and small, there’s one demographic the e-commerce giant has yet to crack: Gen Z.

GDPR, Data Security and Digital Strategy at Episerver Ascend

An expert on data security weighs in on both the GDPR and the ways in which a person can best protect themselves out there in the digital world.

Shoppers' Hit List: What Turns Them On And Off Online

The simple email address: That’s the detail shoppers are most willing to surrender in return for a better shopping experience, according to a poll by Episerver.

Episerver Customers on Personalization, AI & Content

At Episerver Ascend 2018, I was able to sit down with four customers of Episerver, all sharing a similar feeling on how Episerver understands and aligns with their own business and digital strategy as well as their palpable excitement about the new features Episerver was rolling out. 

Alexa hasn’t caught on for fashion brands

Though voice-activated devices like Amazon Alexa are appearing atop bookshelves and desks at record rates thanks to sales of smart speakers doubling in 2017 from the year prior, consumers still aren’t sold on using them as a means to shop.

Digital Experience and Commerce Strategy from Episerver

One of the things I always look forward to when attending an event in this industry is the keynote that kicks off the event, usually on the morning of that first day and, Episerver Ascend 2018 did not disappoint in its exciting announcements and strong theme of innovation to follow in the next couple of days.

Retargeting and the Path to Least Annoyance

Three out of four consumers now notice retargeted ads. With consumer awareness increasing, brands must show maturity with their strategies or face public scrutiny, risk alienating once-interested buyers and even possibly deal with legal matters as data privacy becomes more regulated.

City of Naperville Website Wins National Award

On March 14, the City of Naperville received a North America Customer Website Award from Episerver, the content management software company that powers the City of Naperville's website.

Consumers slow to pick up on voice-assisted purchasing

While the majority of consumers don't own voice-assisted devices and smartwatches, even fewer use them to make purchases, according to a recent study by Episerver.

A home décor and apparel wholesaler clicks across selling channels

...last year’s relaunch of has resulted in double-digit percentage increases in online sales. The site, built on the Episerver e-commerce and content management platform with the help of digital design and development firm Whereoware, outperforms Creative’s former two sites.

Part II: From Product to Customers at Ascend 2018

DMN Editor-In-Chief Kim Davis continues his coverage of Episerver's annual conference with customer, partner and Episerver executive interviews.

Part I: Brands Compete on Experience

We've been covering the evolution of Episerver at DMN for several years now, really since its coming out as a global brand in 2015...The development of Episerver's offering over that period seems to match the growing importance of CX in the B2C space..

Consumers & Conversions are Hooked on a Feeling

Subjective, yes, but how consumers ‘feel’ about their online experience or a brand is the intangible – and often forgotten – element of whether a merchant gets a sale or not. In fact, a new global survey out of Episerver found that when feelings are accounted for, revenue is as well (particularly when it comes to personalization). 

Episerver Ascend 2018 Recap from the CMSC Perspective

Have you been to a conference lately that is just effortlessly educational and entertaining all at once? So much so that its magnetic impact remained on your mind long after you’ve left?

Only 17% Of Consumers Browse With Intent To Purchase On First E-Commerce Site Visit Featured

Online shopping trips don’t always lead to a purchase, and only 17% of customers say buying something is their primary purpose when visiting a brand’s web site for the first time, according to the 2018 Reimagining Commerce study from Episerver.

Headless E-Commerce, Non-Starter or the Next Big Thing?

Headless website architecture is an increasingly popular topic. The niche approach to implementing e-commerce websites has some promising upsides that many software vendors are now championing as the future for all digital platform architectures.

Media Coverage Archive

Janome: A Case of Rejuvenating a Tired Website

The day the site launched, people freaked out, Seminara recalls with a laugh. Every site undergoes makeovers from time to time, and "when it's refreshed, it's not so bad-but when it's entirely different, you are lost for a little bit." He acknowledges there were a handful of complaints from users upset about the change-but overall, he says, people "absolutely love it."

How Copenhagen Airport is Catering to the Connected Traveler

Episerver and Valtech are supporting Copenhagen Airport's digital innovation initiatives, including and The new website -- which features a responsive design and is available in both English and Danish -- provides extensive functionality for travelers, including duty-free pre-order, the ability to access flight and passenger information, research and book parking and ground transportation, and access information about CPH Advantage, its members-only hospitality lounge, and special offers – all via a single sign-on.

IT and marketing collaborate to sweeten websites for digital natives

Ferrara Candy, purveyor of such iconic candy brands as Black Forest gummy bears, Jujyfruits and Lemonheads, has something of a Reese’s peanut butter cup factor going for it. In a business collaboration rivaling that iconic chocolate-and-peanut-butter combination, its IT and marketing team are revamping the company’s websites to make its brands more appealing to the millennial generation.

Episerver and Valtech Partner to Support Innovation and Stand Out Digital Experiences to Enhance Traveler Journeys

Episerver and Valtech recently announced they are supporting Copenhagen International Airport in its innovative digital initiatives benefitting today’s connected traveler.

Copenhagen Airport Enhances Omnichannel Abilities of Resident Retailers

Copenhagen International Airport has tapped Episerver to help drive digital innovation initiatives geared to busy travelers, including access to travel information and airport services. Since retail purchases account for 50% of its revenues, the Airport is leveraging Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud platform to add omnichannel capabilities to its e-Commerce presence.

E-Commerce Personalization Strengthens Mud Pie Sales By 120%

With both wholesale and direct-to-consumer business models as well as three distinct product categories, Mud Pie had a pressing need to personalize each customer's experience. The online retailer of seasonal baby clothes, women’s apparel, gifts and home décor leveraged the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud as part of a recent upgrade of its web presence.

Tinder is Rewiring E-Commerce, but is it Right for You?

With over 100 million downloads, 50 million monthly users, and 1.4 billion swipes a day, Tinder has quickly become the go-to meeting place for the app generation. Through its fun, intuitive, and frankly addictive user interface, Tinder's simple "swipe right for yes, left for no" approach has earned it a place on mobile home screens around the world—not to mention a valuation of $1.35 billion. Tinderization is here!

Tools You'll Use: James Stout, Senior Manager, Technology and Developer Evanglist, Episerver

The right tools are an integral part of getting any job done. In the world of digital content tools are plentiful, so finding the right one for you can be tricky. That's why we ask the experts what tools they use to get their jobs done. In this month's installment, we talk to James Stout, senior manager, technology and developer evangelist, Episerver.

Episerver Launches Global 'Digital Ninety-Nines' Initiative, Celebrating the Contributions of Women in Technology

Named after Amelia Earhart's 1929 international organization of women pilots, the Digital Ninety-Nines campaign includes visionary commentary, interviews, and business and technology tips from high-profile women executives at Microsoft, IBM, investment firm Provasi Capital and technology appliances supplier Electrolux, as well as Episerver.

Episerver Launches Global 'Digital Ninety-Nines' Initiative, Celebrating the Contributions of Women in Technology

Launching in Conjunction with International Women’s Day, Campaign Recognizes the Contributions and Inspirations of Women in IT, Digital Marketing and Tech

"Digital Ninety-Nines" showcases women in digital marketing

Today is International Womens Day 2016, and to celebrate the occasion a new initiative, Digital Ninety-Nines, will celebrate the contributions made by women to digital marketing and information technology. The name recalls Amelia Earhart's group of 99 licensed women pilots, founded in 1929. 

An Interview with James Stout, Senior Manager, Technology and Developer Evangelist, Episerver

James Stout, senior manager, technology and developer evangelist for Episerver, a global software provider for ecommerce, CMS, and digital marketing solutions, says, "I describe my role as that of a digital renaissance man."

The Tinder trend in website design: pros and cons for web retailers

Indeed as the popularity (and controversy) of Tinder has grown, many brands have started to copy the brand’s simplistic yes-no interface for their own apps. This has kicked off a UX and design phenomena which rapidly become Tinderisation.

Tinder is Re-Wiring Madison Avenue: Are You Ready for the Firing Line?

With over 100 million downloads, 50 million monthly users and 1.4 billion swipes a day, Tinder has quickly become the go-to meeting place for the app generation. Through its fun, intuitive, and frankly addictive user interface, Tinder’s simple “swipe right for yes, left for no” approach has earned it a place on mobile home-screens around the world—not to mention a valuation of $1.35 billion. Tinderation is here!

Retail: In-app purchases increasing as a percentage of digital sales

A recent report from Urban Airship reveals that retail is leading the way in mobile commerce with half saying half their sales now come from mobile devices.

Talking DoubleDutch about event marketing

This year, the smaller vendors invested in DoubleDutch which can provide a more immersive experience including a significant social element. Episerver took this one important step forward, using game mechanics to include scavenger hunts and rewards for people who Tweeted, took photos, provided commentary and session ratings/feedback.

Mobile Marketers Lighting Up Mobile Commerce Across the Pond

The expertise and precision behind some of the top mobile marketing campaigns in the United Kingdom continue to drive epic results for bricks-and-mortar retailers and online shopping platforms.

Building the marketing technology stack

With almost 2,000 tools to choose from at last count, building a marketing technology stack is a daunting task. Barb Mosher Zinck has some field-tested tips to help you on your way.

U.K. takes top spot for mobile shopping

The U.K. is a nation of mobile shoppers, according to new research that delves into the mobile shopping habits of people in several countries in which the U.K. comes out top.

Choosing a B2B Ecommerce Platform: Weighing the Risks

When considering a B2B ecommerce platform, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the software solution you select. There are, in my experience, three types of software for B2B companies to choose from.

What Consumers Expect from Mobile Retail Sites

When it comes to a retailer’s mobile site, user reviews are the top feature that consumers expect to see, according to a September 2015 survey. Customer support is also key.

Episerver - AMA's Choice To Support Digital Experience Transformation

The "Next AMA" initiative with four transformational strategies for North American corporations has also been launched by the organization. 

Forging ahead with e-commerce

Companies selling to other businesses through e-commerce are taking several approaches to finding the right technology fit. 

Data, Experience & Sales - Cashing In on Selling Direct to Consumers

For decades, manufacturers and distributors have been at the mercy of their retail partners - to handle everything from sales to service. 

The Case for Automated A/B Testing

Similar to a business owner endorsing just one of the hometown teams, marketers know that launching a digital commerce site without conducting A/B testing is risky.

Melissa & Doug, Moleskin Stand Out Among Retailers Combining Content And Commerce

As consumers browse online, they are inundated with retail brand information at nearly every point of their user experience. Whether through an ad, a social network brand page, a video or a blog, consumers now view many, many pieces of content designed to bring them to a purchase. 

Consumers expect speed, convenience when mobile shopping

Shoppers want easy online retail navigation, fast site response and a convenient experience, a new study from digital marketing and commerce player Episerver reveals.

Balancing Content and Commerce is the New Retail Trench War to Bag Holiday Shoppers

David Bowen, Product Manager at Episerver discusses why both commerce and content are critical for eCommerce companies looking to create standout digital experiences.

Speed, convenience are tops for retail consumers reveals new research

Shoppers want easy online retail navigation, fast site response and a convenient experience, reveals a new study from digital marketing and commerce player Episerver.

Mobile Commerce: Who's Doing It Best & Why

With 81 percent of U.S. smartphone and tablet users reporting to have shopped online using these devices (according to new data from Episerver), brands without a mobile commerce strategy are set to fall behind...way behind. 

What it takes to win with mobile

Home Depot, and Safeway are tops when it comes to offering the best mobile commerce experience according to a new study that benchmarks 20 top U.S. retailers against one another.

Home Depot leads mobile retail with in-app chat, in-store services: report

The Home Depot is the number one mobile retailer in 2015 thanks to the chain’s strong application design and in-store services, according to a report released today by Episerver.

Go Mobile. Consumers Already Have.

Increasingly, it's a mobile world.

Indeed, this Black Friday marked the first year that smartphones generated more sales than tablets, according to a new study from Episerver. Its “Mobile Commerce Report 2015” consists of five commissioned independent surveys of 5,300 consumers from the U.S., U.K., Benelux, the Nordics, and Australia.

Episerver launches product convergence

Episerver has announced the Fall 2015 release of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, offering substantive new and converged functionality from the best of Ektron and Episerver.

The Hub Podcast: What the Customer Really Wants

Joakim Holmquist, director of digital marketing at Episerver, visits the Hub podcast to talk about how to evaluate digital marketing performance--whether by brands or election candidates--and what's truly important when it comes to optimizing the customer experience.

Retailers take note: Smart content management strategies reel in online shoppers

Sales figures were projected to reach $3 billion during this week's Cyber Monday online shop-a-thon, and retailers should take note about what the means for the extended holiday season. A new U.S. retail benchmarking study [.pdf] by digital experience firm Episerver revealed that a smart product content management strategy is what it takes to attract customers in the digital space.

New Report Analyzes Ways That Online Retailer Experience Could Trump Discounts

Sponsored by marketing/commerce platform Episerver, the study will be complemented by another report early next year that evaluates what worked best in the holiday season.

How Janome Built Its Multichannel Marketing Plan

These days, it’s all too easy for marketers to fall into the “statistics trap,” allowing success metrics to validate an organization’s strategy instead of simply steering progress. So says Michael Seminara, Web supervisor and marketing manager of Mahwah, N.J. sewing machine manufacturer Janome America Inc. 

2015 Software 500: eBusiness, security, and healthcare sectors dominate the software industry

The total software and software services revenue for the 2015 Software 500 totalled $748.7 billion, up 4.3 percent from $717.7 billion, according to the findings of the 2015 Software 500 ranking of the world’s largest software and services companies. Episerver ranked 320.

Reflections on a packed conference season – getting mobile, sort of.

The tech conference event season has been hectic. The good news is that there is a sense of change in the air and that’s all to the good.

Episerver Tries to Rebuild its Brand

Stockholm-based Episerver has a new logo and a new nickname: Epi. But the company claims it's changing more than its branding.

Providing “Fun”-ctionality Customers Can’t Resist

Will we; won’t we; or at what point will we have to? These were some of the lingering questions current Ektron customers brought to Episerver’s Ascend 2015 held in Las Vegas this week because it was there that the Ektron and Episerver merger hit the stage.

News You Can Use: Akumina is Selling Its Web CMS Division (Episerver in the Spotlight)

Episerver, the digital experience provider based in Stockholm, Sweden, hosted its customer conference Ascend in Las Vegas this week. It also released the latest update to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

Episerver Experience Cloud Promises the Best from Ektron and Episerver

This was a busy week for web developers, marketers, and users of both Episerver and Ektron. This was the week where many that follow these platforms converged in Las Vegas for Episerver Ascend 2015. I didn't attend the customer conference, but from what I have been told and what I have read is that people walked away from this conference impressed. It is also at this conference that the Fall 2015 release of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud was announced.

Re-envisioning Content Strategies to Build a Customer Following Organically

Since its inception, marketing has been about getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time to nurture relationships and sales. However, the science of slicing and dicing data to segment audiences and strategize and optimize content to advance their relationship with the brand is now the foundation for next-generation marketing.

Episerver begins its ascent

Ascend '15 marked the global relaunch of two well established content and commerce platforms, now convergent under the Episerver banner.

Upgraded Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Platform Builds on Ektron Merger

Episerver has announced the Fall 2015 release of its Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, capitalizing on its merger with New Hampshire-based Ektron earlier this year. The new platform unifies content, commerce, and multi-channel marketing, along with optimization and lead generation, creating an easy-to-use and streamlined solution.

An epic Episerver Ascend 2015 customer conference

Episerver’s Ascend 2015 was a solid conference with plenty of meat on the proverbial bone but with only modest marketing larding. Customers were happy, partners were bullish and the product range looks good.

Episerver Releases Digital Experience Cloud Fall 15

Fall 2015 Release brings together existing products from Ektron and Episerver and new capabilities into a single cloud platform.

Episerver begins its ascent

Ascend '15, held in Las Vegas this week, was something of a coming out party for the new Episerver. On the one hand, Episerver is by no means a new company. Founded in 1994, it's an established brand in its native Sweden. But after merging in January this year with New Hampshire-based web content management vendor Ektron, it's setting its sights both on the US market, and on becoming a global company.

Episerver Announces Product Convergence With Milestone Digital Experience Cloud Release

Fall 2015 Release Delivers on Promise to Converge Best of Existing Products Plus Major New Capabilities into Single Next-Generation Cloud Platform

Episerver Announces Fall Release of Digital Experience Cloud

Episerver, a provider of digital content, digital marketing, and digital commerce solutions, introduced the Fall 2015 release of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Offering new and converged functionality from Ektron and Episerver, the company says the Fall Release empowers marketers, merchandizers and digital developers to instantly realize their brilliant ideas through a super productive "people-first technology" platform.

Episerver Announces Product Convergence With Milestone Digital Experience Cloud Release

Fall 2015 Release Delivers on Promise to Converge Best of Existing Products Plus Major New Capabilities into Single Next-Generation Cloud Platform 

Episerver reaches milestone digital experience cloud release

Offering substantive new and converged functionality from the best of Ektron and Episerver, the fall release empowers marketers, merchandizers and digital developers to instantly realize their brilliant ideas through a super productive “people-first technology” platform.

Episerver Releases Digital Experience Cloud

Episerver, a provider of digital content, digital marketing and digital commerce solutions, today introduced the fall 2015 release of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

What to Expect From the Next Generation of Web Content Management

Feeling pretty confident in your current web content management (WCM) system? Do you sleep well at night with the peace of mind that your chosen WCM toolkit is up to snuff when it comes to creating, managing, and delivering content? It's time to wake up and smell the JavaScript.

Donald Trump Tops the (Episerver Digital Media) Polls

Who is atop the polls for the 2016 presidential election? None other than “The Donald,” if you go by rankings on digital campaign proficiency by digital marketing software provider Episerver.

16 CMOs Go Back To Basics About Buyer Journeys

buyer persona tells you who your customer is, while a buyer journey tells you how your customer arrives at the decision to purchase your product or service.



Digital Campaign 2016: Four Keys to Attracting Online Voters

Digital media expertise and persona mapping/audience targeting was quintessential in Obama winning the presidential race in 2008, as he redefined what a modern campaign should look like. Eight years later we’ve got a parade of presidential candidates, while the digital technologies and methodologies for reaching voters “on their online terms” have become even more sophisticated.

Heart of Omnichannel

Mobile is playing an increasingly important – and complex – role in the customer journey. It can strengthen customer interactions in every channel.


New Polling On U.S. Presidential Digital Campaign Proficiency Shows Who's Dominating The Digital Campaign Trail

Episerver poll shows which of the top presidential hopefuls are leading and lagging in website quality and visitor volume, as well as social media use, follower volume and level of engagement. 

Why You Need an E-Commerce Platform Even if You’re Not Selling Online

With digital experience gaining prominence as the most influential factor in customer satisfaction, brands need to ensure they are making savvy investments.

Sewing Machine Manufacturer Janome Stitches Together a New E-Commerce Strategy

Sewing machine manufacturer Janome America Inc. prides itself on bringing the art of sewing to new generations of customers, including by leveraging technology and social media. Some of its sewing machines connect to iPad apps to let users choose and download embroidery patterns and remotely monitor and control machine functions. Many machines also offer full-color LCD touch-screen control.

Digital Electioneering Should Inspire, says Episerver

"Companies talk a lot about social and attribution," said Joakim Holmquist, "But they don't really have a scientific understanding of what they're trying to do."

B2B Vendors Add Content Management to Their E-Commerce Software

Technology vendors such as commercetools, Episerver and HighJump Software Inc. are moving toward offering software that integrates e-commerce with content management software. The aim is to provide business-to-business customers with the rich media, video and zoom functions they need to purchase complex products online, the vendors said in recent interviews.

Ask an Expert: How to Increase Website Conversions?

“Ask an Expert” is a monthly feature where we ask web marketing experts questions from small business owners. For this installment, we address a question about how to increase website conversions.

Episerver Taps Ektron Roots in New Release

Stockholm-based Episerver flexes its Ektron muscles in its first major release since a private investor merged the company with Nashua, N.H.-based Ektron early this year, company officials told CMSWire.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your E-Commerce Site

Many retailers try to intertwine the attributes of physical stores with online flexibility to create an e-commerce site that's memorable and encourages action. However, e-commerce sites have conversion rates hovering around 2 percent, whereas physical retail stores often convert somewhere between 20 percent to 40 percent of their visitors.

Episerver Launches Updated Digital Experience Hub

Digital marketing and commerce platform provider Episerver has launched an upgraded edition of its Digital Experience Cloud, bringing together its native Episerver solutions with technology that the company added through the acquisition of Ektron, a content management system vendor. 

Following Journey Mapping's Future Path

Most brands now recognize that the average consumer bounces from channel to channel like they're reading an intricate "choose your own adventure" novel. Therefore, as companies grapple with how to revamp the old and usher in the new, many are reacquainting themselves with customer journey mapping in an effort to understand behavior in modern contexts.

The Six Pillar Principles of Agile Marketing, May 19

According to the recent CMG Partners report, "Agile for Marketing (A4M)," 63 percent of marketing leaders consider agility a high priority, but only 40 percent rate themselves as agile.

What are Marketers Doing Well and Not So Well in Customer Engagement?, May 14

Marketers always want to know what other companies are doing well, how they’re doing it, and what technologies are allowing them to achieve their respective accomplishments.

Data is Driving the Next Wave of Buyer Personas

Buyer personas have been a staple of B2B marketing for a number of years. But many B2B marketers lack a formal process for developing personas, and they are still relying on hunches about their target customers rather than data.

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Taps Episerver For Upscale Online Experience

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply is tackling the e-Commerce space by focusing primarily on the western lifestyle and creating a more upscale experience than found at a typical farm and ranch store.


How this Man is Profiting from 'Mobilegeddon', April 20

With Google's latest big change in its search algorithm, "Mobilegeddon" is officially upon us. As of Tuesday, websites that don't work well on smartphones will start getting punished by Google's all-powerful search engine.

More Agile Marketing for Absolut via the Cloud and Episerver

The Absolut Company wanted to move to the cloud to avoid managing servers and to be able to deploy code without configuring servers. The company had been using Episerver technology to create digital experiences for many years with its multiple sites.

Consumers Losing Patience with Poor Mobile Retail Experiences

With around 65% of mobile and tablet owners using their device to complete online purchases, it's crucial that any retailer gets their online shopping experience right in order to compete. But what exactly are consumers looking for – and what really turns them off?

Four Ways to Fuel Customer Loyalty Through Content Marketing

It can be a challenge to feed growing demand for a constant stream of quick information that resonates, but when done right, it’s actually providing us with a way to engage with our customers better than ever before.

Content Marketing for the Customer-Focused Marketer

In today's world, the connected consumer expects to be catered to throughout the purchase cycle—from the pre-shopping and planning phases straight through to the transactional and post-sale stage.