Episerver Adds Product Information Management to Improve Cross Channel e-Commerce Experience

Partnership with inRiver integrates powerful new PIM solution with leading ecommerce platform for improved business results

London, 31th May 2012: Episerver, an innovator in multichannel digital marketing and e-Commerce software, today announced the availability of inRiver PIM for Episerver Commerce. Working with inRiver, a leader in product information management (PIM), Episerver Commerce customers will now have access to a powerful PIM solution. The solution gives more control over product content and processes, effectively manages product assortments and cross channel assets, and drives consistent multi-channel commerce that generates business results.

In a multi-channel e-commerce environment, retailers must manage an ever increasing and changing product range across a number of different channels and for different periods of time. The PIM solution allows Episerver Commerce users to take full control of product content and assets and seamlessly share them across all channels, both online and offline. This delivers faster time to market, operational efficiencies, while raising quality and improving consistency.

"Product management can be a real headache for online marketers and merchandizers with complex product assortments that are sold through multiple channels in multiple markets" said Bob Egner, vice president of product management at Episerver. "With different members of the marketing team often duplicating product content and media assets for use in marketing campaigns or in-store channels, organisations want to improve consistency and gain control of their processes. This new PIM offering will provide our customers with control over the product content and the processes of managing it."

The PIM solution will give Episerver customers a range of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to categorize and build relationships between products for complete control over related product recommendations
  • Create and maintain product assortments for multiple channels
  • Use workflow and version control to ensure product content is controlled
  • Use integrated Adobe InDesign to efficiently produce printed material with the same content
  • Manage single assets that are automatically optimized for specific channels
  • Automate translation using integrated external translation process

For more information:

Maria Wasing, VP of Marketing Europe