Episerver and Celum join forces to solve the multi-channel Digital Asset Management challenge

Stockholm, Sweden April 7th 2014

Verified integration between celum and Episerver speeds process for marketers to create, manage, and publish digital media content for enterprises

Episerver, a global software provider for innovative ecommerce and digital marketing solutions, today announced the integration of celum's Digital Asset Management solution with Episerver's solutions. The add-on allows Episerver customers to incorporate the right digital media content, such as pictures, videos and audio, for varying channels, in order to create the right experience on any screen size. This is delivered within the content management capabilities of Episerver solutions, allowing customers to take advantage of the power of visual communication with an image that is appropriate for the space and resolution available, to deliver truly engaging customer experiences across channels.

The complete integration of the celum add-on with Episerver CMS adds significant value for businesses looking to optimise the use of images and rich media across multiple channels. It allows the marketer to try, test and prove which images work best across channels as the connected consumer 'channel shifts'. Content can be personalized, optimized and measured for impact throughout the customer journey, across screens and channels, from the mobile web to social media and beyond.

Brand and product content can be managed through a centralized system to feed all channels including digital marketing and e-commerce sites, as well as content for social media, making it ideal for brands with a presence across multiple markets. In addition, the Add-on makes it is possible to comment, control and allow access to digital media content of any kind, at any time and anywhere. The celum solution also combines Digital Asset Management, Video Asset Management and Product Media Management, providing process extensive support for organisations that have significant volumes of photographic or video content.

"We all know about the power that visual communication has, and this integration allows marketers to harness, test and prove that power," comments Bob Egner, Vice President of Products, Episerver. "With the connected customer constantly shifting across devices and channels, this presents a challenge with respect to Digital Asset Management. The combination of Episerver CMS and celum DAM means that the right image or video can be delivered for the right visitor in the right channel, tying together real behavior and analytics with the content to turn Digital Asset Management into a tuning and optimization process."

"Central management of content used in numerous systems gets more and more important, from Data Flow starting from the photographer, acceptance by the internal departments and publishing to Episerver CMS. Copyrights, confidentially levels, validity, and conversion to different formats are just some important items. Integrating Episerver CMS to our Digital Asset Management tool will give you the advantages of both systems combined in one seamless solution!" states Harald Haghofer, Chief Services Officer of celum.

James Norwood

Executive Vice President Strategy & CMO
Mail: james.norwood@episerver.com

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