Norrøna Combines Content and Commerce to Engage with Customers

CHICAGO, IL, February 26, 2014

High-end outdoor clothing and sport gear retail brand leverages Making Waves and Episerver’s platform to improve user journey, drive online sales and raise brand loyalty

Episerver, a global software provider for innovative digital marketing and e-commerce solutions, announced today that Norrøna, one of Norway’s most high-end outdoor clothing brands, has deployed Episerver Commerce to enhance the customer online experience and help drive sales globally through its website. Through the use of this platform, Norrøna is able to not only combine content and commerce, a key feature for those looking to go direct to consumer, but also leverage content that provides insight and value to consumers as they go through the purchase lifecycle.

The retailer looked at several other vendors before choosing to leverage Episerver’s platform. Norrøna saw the need to drive online sales internationally and realized they needed to find a solution that could provide them with digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities that improve experiences for the connected consumer. Episerver’s integrated solution of e-commerce and CMS enables Norrøna to improve business results through targeted, on-brand communication that increases conversions.  The platform allowed the clothing brand to mesh their own product messaging and information with marketing information across digital channels, including mobile, a key medium for transactions. By supplementing their site with e-commerce, consumers can seamlessly make purchases, ultimately creating a better user journey and experience for the customer and driving important business results to maintain Norrøna’s competitive edge in their respective industry.

“Thus far, we’ve been thrilled with the response from our customers. A clear trend in the e-commerce space is the ability and importance of combining content and commerce to enhance the experience the customer has with our brand. Episerver’s platform puts us one step ahead of the game by allowing us to take advantage of this movement,” said Bjørn Fjellstad, Marketing Director at Norrøna.  “Because of this, we’ve been able to enhance the online customer experience and build a solid platform to significantly increase sales through our website. We look forward to continued growth and expansion of our brand in the global market as well as the customer loyalty and onboarding of new customers that will help us maintain longevity within the e-commerce space.”

Norrøna wanted to provide shoppers with the tools and content necessary to personalize their interaction with the brand, creating a unique experience each time they log on to the site. As such, the Episerver Commerce platform’s scalability was a large selling point in Norrøna’s decision to choose the software. Episerver’s Commerce solution is flexible and allows the retailer to easily ramp up in the future to accommodate planned growth and ecommerce integration. The solution also scales to enterprise needs, and supports high traffic volumes and spikes in online visits.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our customers engage with their consumers in a way that not only is beneficial for our clients, but is beneficial for their consumers,” said Kim Ydse Krogstad, COO at Episerver Premium Solution partner Making Waves. “Norrøna didn’t just want a website to sell clothes, but rather, a website to sell their brand and the customer experience. The outstanding results from Norrøna’s website are a testament to Episerver’s ability to deploy quickly to market and drive results where they truly count.”

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