Strukton shortens time to market and improves the customer experience with Episerver CMS

Haarlem, October 30, 2013 - Efficiency is increased dramatically with the ability to launch new sites in only two weeks

International construction company Strukton has chosen Episerver CMS to improve the online experience for their customers. Strukton selected Episerver CMS given its status as a fast and reliable enterprise proven solution that could be used to improve communications across 20 sites within their five business areas. Additionally, the solution can support Strukton's need for international, multi-language and consistent communication across all channels and devices. The platform has provided Strukton with improved efficiency, as it allows the company to be able to rapidly roll out new communications initiatives across all markets, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt the communication to local market needs. The choice to base their online presence fell on Episerver CMS after a thorough selection process by Entopic. The implementation has been completed by Episerver partner, Tam Tam.

A consistent brand experience

A key consideration in the selection process for the new solution was whether or not it could support Strukton¨s business requirements, which include the strategic need to provide their customers with a good customer experience consistent across all the brands. Additionally, Strukton wanted to ensure that they could extend the solution and rapidly respond to new internal and external requirements. With Episerver CMS, Strukton has dramatically reduced their time to market. They can now launch a completely new multi-language website within two weeks and communicate to their customers in Dutch, English, German and Swedish.

According to Annemarie Hoogendoorn, Head Corporate Communications at Strukton, the ease of use and increased speed in communication is due to the user centric design of Episerver CMS: "You can easily reuse and share content across sites with the content blocks within Episerver and the advantage is that our websites all have the same look and feel. This means that we can reach our goal of increasing the online visibility of all the companies in our group, which strengthens the overall brand experience. Our marketers find the solution very intuitive and the ability to create content while at the same time seeing how the customer will experience that content speeds up our ability to communicate when and where we need to. We now work much more effectively than ever before while also reducing our costs. "

Impressive results after launch

Strukton has seen some impressive results immediately following the launch of the new responsive sites. They can now manage the customer experience across all screens and the number of mobile visitors has increased with 93% since the launch. Furthermore, visitors are more engaged with the content, with bounce rates reduced by 38%. Additionally, people spend 210% more time on the websites and the number of pages viewed has increased by 35%. Hoogendoorn is very pleased how the new websites have been received by the visitors: "Our most important content, which we know to have an impact on our ability to engage with our customers, is now found by our visitors. The pages with general information about Strukton and our projects are viewed much frequently than before , which is exactly what we wanted to achieve. Additionally, we can support the different personas that come to our sites, whether it is a customer or an applicant looking to join us. As an example, we can see that traffic to our job board has increased by 235%, which is a result that we are very pleased with, since this is an important target group for us."

About Episerver

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