Five principles for finding and fixing marketing problems in real-time  

There is a new kid on the block and it’s called ‘agile marketing’. It’s about using principles from the agile software development movement to find out for yourself – and fast – what’s working and what needs to be fixed.

This ebook is all about breaking free from relying on best practice solutions to old problems. It’s about uncovering the problems you’re having right now and deciding, for yourself, how to prioritize, allocate and attack the issues that need solved.

It’s time to ditch “best practice”. Read our eBook The Art of the Problem and learn how to find and fix marketing problems in real time:

  • Run focused experiments and identify the most important problems
  • Be adaptable to evolving data and respond to customer need on the spot
  • Prioritize the problem to get on top of biggest hurdles
  • Build a new team that integrates both marketing and operations skills
  • Get testing to deliver an iteration structure that keeps giving


“Enable new teams to try new innovations quickly, frequently, and on a small scale. Create the flexibility to scale up the winners and drop the duds.”

Bob Egner
Scott Brinker

Agile marketing advocate, the man behind Chief Marketing Technologist

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