Adaptive Images by Ted & Gustaf

Publisher: Ted&Gustaf Category: Content & Media Compatibility: Content Cloud

Responsive images for fast-loading beautiful websites, using any image source or DAM.

$5000 $1000 annually thereafter
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Images are automatically optimized and cropped around the most engaging content, producing fast-loading images that fit the website design perfectly. Web editors can easily optimize different images and their cropping for different screen sizes, without risking image sizes that are inconsistent with the website design. Compatible with any API-enabled image service or DAM. And there is no need for leaving the Episerver UI for searching, selecting, or uploading.



Improve the performance and design of your website with optimized adaptive images. Compatible with any DAM or image service. AI-powered image analysis for smart auto-cropping.

User-friendly consistent UI across all image sources

Smart auto-cropping to correct size and proportions for each screen size

Use original images directly - no more need for creating web-specific digital assets

Automatic validation prevents incorrectly sized images - never again blurry (or too heavy) images

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