Comet: Create React App for Episerver

Publisher: Brilliance Category: Templates & Blocks Compatibility: Content CloudCommerce Cloud

Brilliance’s Comet app saves developers time and eliminates headaches when creating components that leverage React for front-end development in Episerver.

$3999 Premium Support $5400
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Developers new to leveraging React in their development for Episerver will likely spend days setting up their environment and troubleshooting, resulting in lost productivity and frustration. Brilliance’s Comet App saves developers time by working through the installation nuances of ReactJS.Net, React, Create React App, cache busting, and Express Development Server.


For developers who are new to React, or new to creating React components for Episerver, Brilliance’s Comet app saves time, eliminates headaches and sets you up for success.

Save time getting started with React

Server-side rendering supports indexing by non-Google search engines

Eliminates worry about cache busting, troubleshooting techniques, and installation woes

One-time fee includes the Comet App with 2 developer days of support.

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