Google Analytics for Marketing Automation

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Google Analytics for Marketing Automation delivers out-of-the-box integration and enables marketers to track relevant information. Examine the data in the context that is most relevant to you and your editors.

$200 $1200 annually thereafter
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Google Analytics for Episerver is fully integrated with the Episerver platform, enabling marketers and content editors to access the right data at the right time, adding insight and context to their content creation process. This will allow businesses to harness the effectiveness of their online presence by constantly improving the user journey and customer experience on any type of web, e-commerce, mobile or social site, based on analytical proof points. By bringing analytics data into the content workflow, editors and marketers can make informed decisions, optimize their online presence in real-time and improve business results.

The solution is designed so that the most relevant results from Google Analytics are presented in a useful, contextual manner within the content creation process. It allows marketers to see real-time analytics on the page being worked on, and be able to use this information to optimize it instantly to increase traffic and conversion rate. In addition, the solution shows analytics information on the effectiveness of strategies and tactics such as personalization or social sharing.

Add automatically relevant tracking parameters to all your customer interaction managed by Episerver Marketing Automation.

Full Google Analytics integration and tracking.

Automatically track all relevant information and events related to content, traffic and conversions.

Predefined analytics best practice guidelines to get the most out of Episerver Marketing Automation.

Extensible for multiple websites.

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