Lionbridge Connector by Lionbridge

Publisher: Lionbridge Category: Language & Translation Compatibility: Content Cloud

Dramatacilly reduce the effort required to create, maintain, and publish Web content in multiple languages with the Lionbridge Connector for Episerver.

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Solve multilingual content challenges with the Lionbridge Connector for Episerver. It enables users to automate content translation from within Episerver without any manual intervention. Users can manage sites in one language, while other languages stay current and dramatically reduce efforts to create, manage, maintain and publish content in multiple languages.



The Lionbridge Connector for Episerver provides a range of features and user interface enhancements in Episerver that enable you to select, send, monitor, and retrieve assets for translation into any language Episerver supports.

Support team on standby to assist you.

Reduce time-to-market and associated costs with the ability to identify, select, and send translations in minutes.

Eliminate manual, time-consuming, error-prone, “cut and paste” processes.

Manage everything directly from within Episerver; no need to export to secondary systems.

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