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RAPID inSITE provides deep analytics on site performance, 3rd party inventory and performance violations, Javascript errors and much more.

Episerver certified

Today’s sophisticated eCommerce and content sites are complex with high-resolution images, 3rd party technologies, and custom code. RAPID inSITE is a free javascript-inserted solution that provides an in-depth look at the inventory of all 3rd party assets on your site as well as how those 3rd parties are impacting site performance.


RAPID inSITE is a free tool that enables brands to gain full visibility into how their website is currently performing and how 3rd parties and other site elements are impacting page load time.

Gain deep visibility into your site’s performance

Inventory and visualize the performance and violations of all 3rd party technologies

Drill down by device, browser, and location to determine performance inconsistencies

Simple implementation and easy to use UI

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