Salesforce Integration for Marketing Automation by Episerver

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Use your CRM data and transfer automatically contacts, leads and response data. Your CRM is the perfect data source for your recipient lists in Episerver Campaign.

$350/per month
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Salesforce integration revolves around the automated reconciliation of data between Salesforce and Episerver Campaign. While Salesforce transmits recipient and personalization data to Episerver Campaign, the email marketing platform replies with the send status and the delivery and response data.



Salesforce integration gives you the option of organizing campaigns in the CRM. You can group, personalize, deliver and analyze your omnichannel campaigns directly in Salesforce. And with our powerful infrastructure, we also ensure that your newsletters reach their intended destinations.

Simple use of omnichannel campaigns

Comprehensive targeting and personalization for your audience

Automatic handling of advertising consents and permission management

Top delivery rates and excellent reputation


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