Shopspray Punchout by Shopspray

Publisher: Shopspray Category: Punchout Compatibility: Commerce Cloud

Shopspray Punchout by Shopspray

$2500/per month
Episerver verified

With Shopspray Punchout no external punchout catalog needed. Your existing product catalog in your Episerver solution becomes your punchout catalog. Leverage on all the existing customer-, product- and campaign logic already built in your Episerver solution. You control your customer-, product and order data (compliance with GDPR). Shopspray Punchout is future proof in all aspects. Continuous support with regards to Episerver roadmap & versions and continuous support with regards to punchout exchange languages and data exchange options are included.



Punchout-enable your Episerver product catalogue. Minimize order errors. Act on customer demands with smooth eprocurement ordering and full customer workflow compliance. Enhance customer satisfaction and buying frequency. Get rid of rigid 3rd party punchout dependencies by adding fully customized punchout functionality natively in your Episerver solution.

Shopspray Punchout provides personalized ordering direct in your customer’s procurement platform in real-time.

Shopspray Punchout is based on Episerver system standards and standard integration tools.

Shopspray Punchout comes standard fully embedded in the Episerver dashboard for ease of use.

Shopspray Punchout supports cXML & OCI standards and connects with all major ERP/procurement solutions.

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