Developer Agenda

08:45: Registration

Registration opens at 8:45am

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09:30: Welcome to Ascend!

Our moderator, Mårten Bokedal, Sr. Marketing Manager at Episerver greets everyone welcome. 

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09:35: Episerver Opening Keynote

Speaker: Jessica Dannemann, CMO, Episerver. 

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10:15: Modern content editing

How to build your clients website with the modern Javascript frameworks of your choice, and still keep your editors happy. 

John-Philip is Team Lead for CMS UI and works passionately for having great modern content editing.

11:05: Coffee Break

Morning coffee will be served in the Exhibition. 

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11:35: The Episerver Reference Architecture

Join David as we take a look through the brand new Episerver reference architecture. Learn about its origins, how it's been built and how you can help make it even better in the future. David will get hands on and set up a brand new site, live, during the session!

David has over 20 years in the technology industry having worked in corporate, agency and vendor side. Previously a Technical Director, David is now Director of Solution Architecture for Episerver and also an EMVP alumni. A veteran of large scale implementations across ecommerce and marketing David knows what success looks like and is always looking at new ways of exploiting the latest tools and technologies to create joined up, deeply personal experiences for customers.

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12:05: Sneak-peek of upcoming changes

Based on our road map and current development plans, we look at the intersection between working code and prototypes, and show which direction Episerver is moving.

Among other things, we are going to talk about .Net Core, CD API and other services.

Speaker: Martin Ottosen, Director Product Management, Episerver. 

12:55: Lunch

Lunch and mingle in the Partner Exhibition. 

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14:10: New personalization features in Episerver Profile Store

Segmenting profiles based on a few properties has been around for some time. New functionally will soon come, where you can create segments based on historical data (tracking events) in almost any way you like. Come and watch my session, where I will create a custom segment based on historical data.

Speaker: Dmytro Duk, Software Engineering, Episerver. 

15:10: Coffee break

Afternoon coffee will be served in the Exhibition. 

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15:40: Secret session with Petri Isola

More information to come. 

16:15: Summary of the day with our moderator

Petri Isola, Solution Architect at Episerver and our moderator for the day will summarize the day and announce the evening activities. 

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16:20: Episerver Web Awards 2019

It's time to announce our winners in Episerver Web Awards for 2019!

17:00: Mingle & Dinner

Mingle & dinner will be served in View 1.

A secret guest will join us as well....