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What customers actually care about

There is a fundamental misunderstanding taking place right now in the customer experience field. Companies of virtually all sizes and industries are ignoring a growing body of scientific evidence showing what customers actually care about.

Read our blog post Why you are thinking all wrong about customer experience: A data driven answer to what customers really care about.


B2B customer expericence

B2C multichannel ecommerce retailers such as Amazon, eBay and John Lewis often make headlines with their extraordinary online growth figures, yet little attention is paid to B2B companies operating online and even less on B2B customer experience.

Read our Five tips for making the most of the B2B ecommerce opportunity


Moving from Ektron to Episerver

At the recent Episerver Ascend conferences, such as in Las Vegas, our customer-facing representatives were asked a number of questions regarding the move from Ektron to the Digital Experience Cloud.

Read our Q&A: Moving from Ektron to the Digital Experience Cloud

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