Frequently asked customer questions

Episerver is changing its name to Optimizely. What does this mean for you?

Our main focus is to maintain business as usual for our customers, but if you're intrigued to learn more about what this news means for you, then we hope this FAQ will provide you with some answers. 

If you are an Episerver partner we have compiled a partner specific FAQ for you (requires login).  

Frequently asked customer questions

+ When is the rebrand happening?

Episerver will officially become Optimizely in August 2021. Between now and then, both the Episerver and Optimizely websites will continue to exist separately. As an Episerver customer, you will continue to receive regular communications from Episerver until August 2021, when we officially rebrand to Optimizely.

+ Why did you choose Optimizely as the brand name?

As we work on combining Optimizely and Episerver post-acquisition, it is important that we all have a shared understanding of our company’s goals and objectives. It is difficult and expensive to maintain two brand names, and making the decision to consolidate under a single brand name gives us a single point of investment focus.

There are certainly strengths associated with the Episerver brand, but ultimately, the opportunities tied to the Optimizely brand name align with the growth objectives set out by the Executive Leadership teams of Episerver and Optimizely.

+ How does this affect me? What are the benefits to me?

Our decision to rebrand, as well as the rebranding process itself was driven by thorough customer, partner and employee research.  

We made the decision to unite as one company, under the Optimizely name, so that we can move forward with a more focused vision and invest in a stronger future.  

Together as Optimizely, we can accelerate our combined product roadmap and ensure we’re providing you with the best products and services to help you unlock your digital potential.

+ What will happen to our contracts?

Your contract will remain the same. The Legal entities of the business are not changing. You might see some aesthetic changes on new contracts to reflect our new logo, but all contracts will remain the same in content.

+ Will this change what products I have access to?

The name change will not impact the products you have access to. The name change also does not impact the hard work that is going into advancing our product roadmap, and with a single point of investment focus in one brand moving forward, we’ll be even better positioned to advance the products and services that we offer you.

+ Will the same people who support Episerver products today continue to deliver support?

Yes. We do not have any organizational changes planned and we are committed to maintaining business as usual for our customers throughout the rebrand process and beyond.

+ How does this change the product roadmap?

With a single point of investment focus in a combined company we will be able to accelerate our product roadmap. In the coming months, you can expect to receive communications about our Product Roadmap strategy. We will always ensure that your Account Managers and Customer Success Managers have the latest information to keep you up to date.

Register for one of our upcoming Product Roadmap webinars for in depth product information: 


+ Will our training subscriptions remain the same?

All training subscriptions will remain the same for now, but we’ll continue to update and improve our courses to ensure we’re always providing you with the latest information.

+ Will there be changes to the look and feel of the product that we use?

Our products will be rebranded to coincide with the rebrand in September. The rebrand will not affect the user experience of the product, but it will be a simple aesthetic change to reflect the new branding. As always, any future changes to the products will always be reflected in our User Guide and training courses.

+ Will your HQ offices change in line with the re-brand?

Our US HQ will be in New York City. Our European HQ will remain in Stockholm, Sweden.

+ Will I get access to the Optimizely Experimentation tool as standard?

The Optimizely Experimentation product will become part of our Intelligence Cloud Product Package and would have to be purchased separately.

+ What name/domain should I expect to receive communications from so I can add to sender list? When will this change take place?

Episerver employees will transition to Optimizely email addresses from the end of January 2021. The default email domains will be 

Episerver employees will continue to receive emails to their email addresses, but outgoing emails will come from 

+ Will you stop supporting CMS and Commerce?

We will continue to invest in our CMS and Commerce products and they will remain a fundamental part of our core product offering. Although we are saying goodbye to the Episerver name, we’ve worked hard, and will continue to work hard, to ensure that the essence of both Episerver and Optimizely are reflected in our new combined brand, purpose and product offerings.

+ I’m an Ektron customer, how does this affect me?

Nothing will change for our Ektron customers. We will continue to support everything that we have in the past.

+ I’m an on prem licenses/Everweb customer, how does this affect me?

Nothing will change for our on prem licenses/Everweb customers. We will continue to support everything that we have in the past. Any End of Service Life plans would be communicated with plenty of notice for planning. 

+ Will there be any immediate price changes?

There are no immediate pricing changes planned. We are aiming to maintain business as usual for our customers as much as possible during the rebrand and beyond.

+ Will the quote you gave me still be honored?

All quotes will be honored.

+ Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?

We have no major organizational changes planned at this time. We continue to invest heavily in our customer success organization and we have in depth training processes in place to ensure that all employees are equipped to provide our customers with accurate and helpful information.

+ Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager if you have any problems. We have no plans to change our Customer Success organization, but any changes to your Customer Success contact or Account Manager would always be communicated to you in advance with a full handover process put in place.

+ Will this have any impact on our custom integrations with Episerver?

There may be impacts to custom integrations - our upgrade tool is designed to identify and, in some cases, provide code updates for these, but at a minimum highlight the changes needed. 

+ Will Optimizely functionality be available for those with on-prem Episerver CMS?

Optimizely operates as SaaS. It is available to license for on-premises customers, but would not be run on-premises.