Introducing the Optimizely Data Platform

Optimizely’s acquisition of leading CDP provider, Zaius strengthens the digital experience platform!

Digital mastery is no longer just about gathering customer data.​

To surface the insights needed to lead in today's marketplace, you need the customer context at the core of everything you do. Consider the ABCs of data that any modern digital experience platform (DXP) needs to have:​

  • Data on the assets you create.​
  • Data on behaviors you want to optimize.​
  • Data on customers you care about.​

Only when you master all three by harmonizing all your data, understanding your business's reality, and acting on the insights you uncover in real-time can you truly unlock your digital potential and maximize ROI. ​

That's why with the acquisition of the leading customer data platform (CDP), Zaius, we're thrilled to announce the Optimizely Data Platform. Zaius strengthens Optimizely's leading DXP with customer context, providing you with one unified view of all your digital data and the insights to author, merchandise, experiment, and optimize with confidence.​

Questions about what this means for you?

Whether you’re a current customer or valued partner, we’re eager to answer your questions about how these changes will impact you. Our FAQ addresses your questions about strategic rationale, timeline, products and more.

Digital Experience Platform

With the addition of Zaius, Optimizely furthers its commitment to helping organizations unlock their digital potential – by seamlessly harmonizing, understanding and acting on all of their digital data in one platform.

We are Optimizers

We know ambition has its challenges, but we are proudly and boldly pushing boundaries. We’re obsessed with outcomes; our success is rooted in our customers’ success. Optimizers don’t ask what you need, they ask how they can help. We view sameness as boring and even dangerous. We embrace diversity and inclusion. We’ll never stop innovating or improving. We hope you’ll join us.

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Optimizely strengthens DXP leadership with acquisition of Zaius

On the heels of a year of accelerated growth, Optimizely now brings an added layer of customer context to the core of the most modern Digital Experience Platform available today.

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