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Optimizely Data Platform for our loyal customers

A special offer for you

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Zaius brings the customer to the digital experience

Optimizely has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zaius, a leading customer data platform (CDP). This acquisition brings the context of the customer to the experience creation and optimization process of digital experiences via our DXP. With the addition of Zaius, we are accelerating our commitment to help organizations like yours to unlock your digital potential via seamlessly harmonizing, understanding, and acting on all your digital data in one platform.

Our customers come first

As a current customer of Optimizely’s Insight/Visitor Intelligence/CDP product, we know you understand and value the power of data and analytics when it comes to delivering superior digital experiences. This acquisition is a strong signal of our investment in tools that allow you to understand your customers better and to take action to delight your customers faster.

Top benefits

Above and beyond customer profiles and event tracking, this acquisition of Zaius means you enjoy the following features out of the box.

Our special offer

As a current customer of Optimizely’s Insight/Visitor Intelligence/CDP product, we’d like to present to you an exciting offer to take advantage of this new product – Optimizely Data Platform (ODP). Through a simple contract amendment, we’ll execute a “like-for-like" swap of your existing product license for a new license in ODP. Included within this amendment is:

  • A built-in overlap of 90 days to continue data collection within ODP before the migration is deemed complete. During this time, you’ll be given access to ODP upon provisioning and can begin to enjoy the latest features of ODP almost immediately. Most installations involve the deployment of a JavaScript tracking tag and can be accomplished by a site administrator within a few hours.
  • A free onboarding package to access our product specialists to help you through the process
  • Access to our education portal to begin to learn how to use our new tool
  • Our Standard Customer Success Package (upgrades can be purchased at the time of migration)

After the migration is complete, your old Insight/Visitor Intelligence/CDP instance will still remain functional for an additional 90 days before it’s terminated. After this point, ODP becomes your new product for collecting visitor behavior, analytics, and segmentation with more features to come in the near future based on our product roadmap.

Questions and answers

+ How long will this offer last?

We plan on offering this offer through the end of 2021

+ How do you get access to the offer?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today for a demo of the new suite and details on your migration amendment, or if you have questions you can reach out team at

+ Where is this offer available?

Though this offer is extended to all customers, Optimizely Data Platform will be available for customers in North America immediately and will expand to more regions. Those in the EMEA and APJ regions should reach out to their Customer Success Manager to discuss their respective regions' roadmap. Please contact your Customer Success Manager today for a demo of the new suite and details on your migration amendment, or if you have questions, you can reach our team at

+ Will my Insight/Visitor Intelligence/CDP product be reaching end of life?

There are no immediate plans for this at this time, but Optimizely will be focusing our roadmap and resources on our new ODP offering going forward.

+ Can I get access to a demo instance of the new ODP before migration?

Yes – Optimizely can provide you a login to a sample instance while you consider your migration.

+ How long does a typical migration take? And how much effort is needed?

This is highly dependent on the customizations you have made to your Visitor Intelligence/CDP instance to date – but a standard onboarding of the new ODP tool typically takes 15-20 days. As for effort, the majority of the work is done using our JavaScript tracking code that will be applied on your site to collect active data, while the rest of the work to collect Optimizely data will be handled by pre-built connectors to our systems. Additional work would then come as a custom scope depending on other systems you would look to connect to your new ODP platform.

+ What are the primary differences and advantages of the new tool?

There truly are too many to name – request a demo with your CSM team and we can show you in person.

Request an Assessment

Get in touch today for a demo of the new suite and details on your migration amendment. Fill out the form and we’ll:

  • Get you connected to one of our experts
  • Review your business requirements
  • Create a custom demo tailored to your needs

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