Digital Ninety-Nines: A Podcast Series on Digital Leadership

The podcast series features input, interviews, and support from high profile women across household appliances supplier Electrolux,  Microsoft, IBM, and investment firm Provasi Capital. 

The Digital Ninety-Nines and the Podcasts

  • Natalie Gross

    Chief Executive Officer @Amaze

    • Technology and digital informing human behavior
    • Amaze Generation – a five year study into today’s digital natives
    • Consumer desire for subscription-based services
    • Educating today’s youth about careers in tech
    Listen to Natalie Gross
  • Kellie Richter

    Chief Marketing Officer @Provasi

    • The challenges of a large rebrand
    • Creating a personal connection to your brand
    • Digitally evolving your business to improve customer experience
    • Taking a seat on the board
    Listen to Kellie Richter
  • Heather Hanson

    Global Head of Martech @Electrolux

    • Bridging the gap between marketing and IT
    • User-centered experience design
    • Collaborative Consumption
    • Organic career growth
    Listen to Heather Hanson
  • Laurie Hood

    WW Portfolio Marketing Leader @IBM

    • Staying on top of industry trends
    • Impactful consumer-driven marketing
    • The importance of personalization
    • Overcoming self-doubt
    Listen to Laurie Hood

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About the Episerver Digital Ninety-Nines Podcast Series

New technology is enabling marketers today to engage with customers in ways like never before. But we have noticed one change that is not happening fast enough – there are not enough women in leadership positions in Marketing and IT. We want to help change this.

With our Digital Ninety-Nines Podcast Series, Episerver focuses on women who are doing amazing things in Marketing and IT.

In the podcast, we meet women who are digital leaders, discuss their challenges and opportunities, and learn how they are driving change and innovation in their fields. 

Why Digital Ninety-Nines?

The Ninety-Nines is the name for the International Organization of Women Pilots, which Amelia Earhart helped organize. When a meeting was held to found the organization on November 2, 1929, all 117 women who were licensed pilots were invited to attend. Ninety-nine showed up – hence the name.

In the spirit of Amelia Earhart, who led the way in many aviation firsts, Episerver’s Ninety-Nines aim to highlight the work of women who are leading digital transformation in their fields.

Episerver is proud to have been part of this for more than 20 years. 

Meet the Digital Ninety-Nines

Kellie Richter

Chief Marketing Officer at Provasi Capital

Since joining the Dallas-based investment company Behringer and Provasi Capital partners as Chief Marketing Officer, Kellie Richter has overseen the rebranding and strategic re-positioning of the company and established the marketing function as a center of excellence supporting affiliated businesses and partners through an in-house agency model.

Tune in to hear Kellie discuss the challenges and opportunities she has faced as a CMO, skills required for a large rebrand, how to create a better customer experience, and the importance of mentors in career development. 

Heather Hanson

Global Head of Martech at Electrolux

Episerver Digital Ninety-Nines series: listen to Heather Hanson, Global Head of Marketing Technology, chat about her transition from IT into marketing to become a new breed of marketing technologist, plus how she is applying her technical know-how to bridge the gap and improve customer experience in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Laurie Hood

World Wide Portfolio Marketing Leader at IBM

As World Wide Portfolio Marketing Leader, Laurie is responsible for product- and market-specific messaging and positioning, product launch activities and sales enablement for the IBM Marketing Solutions Portfolio. She brings over 20 years of experience in technology marketing and product management to IBM.

In this podcast, Laurie discusses the challenges of staying on top of industry trends, the impact today’s consumer-driven world has on both B2B and B2C marketers, and the important role personalization plays in increasing conversions. 

Gavriella Schuster

General Manager, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft

Gavriella Schuster is a Microsoft executive with extensive experience in sales, marketing, product management, and partner development with broad global and US experience. Over the last 20 years at Microsoft, she has worked across six distinct areas of Microsoft. She is currently the GM in the WW Partner Group leading the Partner Marketing and Programs team in SMSP.

Tune in to hear Gavriella discuss the benefits of doing business in the cloud, hot technologies forward-thinking companies are looking for now, and the challenges and opportunities presented by the speed at which technology changes today. 

Natalie Gross

Chief Executive Officer at Amaze

The brand purpose at Amaze is to inspire original thinking through a deeper understanding of technology and human behavior. This purpose is Natalie’s passion, and she has led a number of research projects in this area. Natalie regularly comments on issues facing the industry, such as the future role of the digital agency, the challenge of finding skills and talent, and delivering solutions globally.

Listen as Natalie discusses how technology and digital inform human behavior, her five year study into today’s digital natives, the consumer shift from owned to subscription-based services, and the need to educate our youth on the careers available in tech.

Meet the Host

Elisa Parker

Co-founder, CEO, Radio host at See Jane Do

Elisa Parker is an award-winning producer, reporter, talk radio host and an activist. As the co-founder and host of See Jane Do, Elisa’s work takes her around the world to connect people through the power of stories and solutions that go beyond leaning in to broken systems.

For over ten years she has hosted a weekly show featured on nationally-acclaimed radio station KVMR, where over 350 interviews have included such luminaries as Lily Tomlin, Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Donna Karan, Geena Davis, Jennifer Newsom, Melissa Etheridge, plus the untold stories of everyday women who are doing extraordinary things. 

Elisa is also the co-founder, producer and host of the See Jane Do Media Lounge & the Passion into Action Women’s Conference (PIA).  In addition to PIA, Elisa facilitates, emcees and moderates programs, panels and workshops that aim to fill the gender gap in leadership. Elisa is a recipient of the Jody Fenimore Award for Public Affairs and Osborn-Woods Community Service Award.

She is an alumna of the Women’s Media Center Progressive Women’s Voices program, The White House Project’s Go Run program and she currently serves on the KVMR Board of Directors.  She holds a BA in Communications from San Francisco State University and a MA in Organization Development with a focus on Leadership at University of San Francisco.