Developers - Tuesday

7:30AM: Breakfast


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8:45AM: Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

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8:55AM: Keynote: The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Break Through Performance In Your Career & Life

Three million people have learned the secret to reaching their true potential - now it’s your turn. You are meant to do extraordinary things in your career and your life and the 5 Second Rule will help you achieve it. So sit back and enjoy our morning keynote with Mel Robbins, an expert on leadership and defeating doubt, an Award-winning CNN commentator, Best-Selling author, and motivational powerhouse. 

10:00AM: Break


10:15AM: Doing more with Episerver and Azure App Service

Join Yochay Kiriaty, Principle Program Manager Lead for Microsoft Azure App Service, on a journey looking at some of the integration opportunities between Episerver and Azure - and get a glimpse of new features.

10:15AM: LAB: How to configure Episerver Perform for your Commerce site

What if you could predict every shopper's wishes and present products that are relevant to them right there and then - whether on the web, mobile, or in an email? With Episerver Performs, you can. In this session, learn how to configure Episerver's intelligent personalization platform Episerver Perform, so your marketers and merchandisers can take advantage of new tools like behavioral ranking, product recommendations for web and email, and automatic triggers and actions that quickly increase average order value today.

10:15AM: LAB: Using Digital Experience Cloud service and continuous deployment to set up your site

Learn how to get the most out of your Digital Experience Cloud service integration environment with continuous integration techniques and deployment best practices. 

11:00AM: Break


11:15AM: Contentpocalypse! A Survivor's Guide to Episerver Migration

Re-platforming 20 sites, 30 active content managers, and over 100,000 unique pieces of content required focus, commitment, and above all else, courage. Presented with such a challenge, many digital marketing departments would feel like they were under attack by undead hordes of content blocks and zombie URLs. Not this crew. They found a way to make it work and learned a lot along the way. 

Join The C2 Group's Jon Price and Moody Global Ministries' David Quigley as they present some hard-fought lessons learned during the CMS transition process. Key concepts reviewed include CMS transition planning, development considerations, arresting scope creep, and empowering content managers.

11:15AM: Personalizing and Leveraging the Customer Experience in Healthcare

How do we rationalize a digital ecosystem of over 30 different assets to create a personalized, consistent and valuable customer experience across multiple touchpoints? Nutricia (Danone) Medical provides products for a variety of disease areas, from Cow's Milk Allergy in infants through to Alzheimers and other age-related conditions. We engage with stakeholders across all care settings (hospital, community, care homes) and all age groups. A fragmented approach to each customer has caused a digital presence to emerge that is neither consistent nor provides noticeable commercial benefits - too many assets built on too many platforms and the data is not integrated into anything that would allow us to leverage any engagements. By using Ektron, we're establishing three key platforms:

  1. Patients or their caretakers
  2. Healthcare professionals
  3. Corporate and public affairs

Platforms are personalized by customer type and then further by product and disease area. All platforms have CRM integration but are also integrated into other touchpoints (i.e. Magento for product/sample orders, Dotmailer forms for event registrations, Webex facilities). Not only do we move from transactional relationships to real engagement, but we also build the 360-degree view of the customer all whilst creating massive development efficiencies through use of templates and widgets.

12:00PM: Lunch


1:05PM: Panel: Customer and Analyst Q&A

What better way to return from lunch on day two of Episerver Ascend than with our special panel of invited guests. Linked to Episerver's Digital Ninety-Nines program that celebrates Women in Technology, our panel features four very different women with very different views - and is sure to be as educational as it is lively! Join Jessica Fardin, Episerver's own Head of Worldwide Marketing, as she moderates.

2:15PM: Artificial Intelligence (AI) within reach: Delivering enhanced customer experiences

Over the past few years, tech giants have accelerated investment in AI and Machine Learning in order to deliver the next generation of user experiences to customers. We'll look at ways companies have begun to leverage those advancements, and learn how to design and build AI into your customers' experience right now.

2:15PM: LAB: How to focus your digital strategy on UX

Learn how you can build easy to manage UX experiences with Blocks and Tiles to create the best view for both web and mobile.

2:15PM: LAB: Moving from Ektron to Episerver

From SmartForms to Page Types - Attend this session to learn how to make them similar, while getting more value.

3:00PM: Break


3:15PM: LAB: Figuring out the best way to use Forms

Learn how to use the new Episerver Forms and how to set up more advanced forms with multi-step validation and conditional options.

3:15PM: LAB: Fun with Find

Episerver Find is more than just a powerful search solution. In this lab, we will take Find even further by creating an advanced search application and review different ways to utilize Find in our Episerver solutions.

4:00PM: Break


4:30PM: LAB: Getting the most out of Analytics

Learn how to source valuable data from Google Analytics and use it to make an impact. In this session, we will also demonstrate how to set up PowerBI from Microsoft to aggregate data and create meaningful graphs.

5:15PM: Break


5:30PM: Surviving Content Data Migration

Episerver's Expert Services team will provide a survival guide to moving content into Episerver from a previous CMS solution. We'll specifically look at how to map Ektron content to Episerver, what structures work best, and how to avoid pitfalls. We'll also introduce you to the Expert Services Content Data Migration Framework and the features of that service that are more than the traditional "lift and shift" utility.

5:30PM: LAB: Setting up email campaigns

Learn how to set up a smart email campaign in Episerver Campaigns. This lab offers a hands on way to see the new features offered by Episerver.

5:30PM: LAB: Creating and packaging an Add-on

There is a lot of great code being shared on Episerver World. During this session, we will learn how to take a snippet of code and turn it into an Add-on for the Episerver NuGet feed.

7:00PM: Final Night Party: Episerver Rising

As the sun sets and the night begins at the close of the second day at Episerver Ascend, there’s only one place to go to be seen, and that’s at Episerver Rising. Once again, we will be taking over the legendary Las Vegas Marquee Night Club to create a movement of our own.   

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