Developers Wednesday

8:00AM: Breakfast


9:30AM: Episerver Code Bash

Calling all developers! Join us for this excellent opportunity to show off your mad coding skills! Put together a development (can include design, as well) with 1-4 people, bring your laptops and favorite development environments and prepare to battle against friends and competitors to show who is the best coder. 

You'll receive the top secret challenge when we begin and then have two hours to implement your best solution. After that, each team will have a chance to present their solution, and finally, a panel of judges will find the best solution, judged on innovation, creativity, design, architecture and overall implementation. Episerver skills, a creative mindset, and a will to win required!

9:30AM: Don't let your first Commerce project be your last

Join us as we take you through everything you need to consider when embarking on your first Episerver Commerce project. Whether you are a customer building the solution in-house, you are an agency whose customer made the choice to move to Episerver, or you are a partner expanding from CMS to Commerce, we will be your co-pilot, sharing the lessons we've learned the hard way and the solutions to bring you in for a smooth landing.

10:15AM: Ektron to Episerver Developer Experience

The Ektron and Episerver developer experiences are indeed different. In this session, we will highlight some of the key differences and offer helpful tips for successfully making the transition. We will also identify some of the core efficiencies gained from this experience improvement, discuss development using MVC and NuGet for installation and updates, and provide insight into the ease of using our cloud services. 

10:15AM: Who wore it better? E-commerce User Experience Wins from 2016

Join a panel of e-commerce user experience experts as they review, discuss, and vote on different versions of major e-commerce user experience pages including Home Page/Landing Page, Product Detail Page, Cart and Checkout.

11:30AM: How Amazon Fits into Your Commerce Ecosystem

In this session, Steve Yates discusses:

  • Why Amazon may be an important part of your overall strategy
  • How to full leverage Amazon, including tactics for both 1P and 3P
  • Avoiding channel conflict

12:00PM: Lunch


Developers Agenda