Merchandiser/eComm Manager - Tuesday

7:30AM: Breakfast


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8:45AM: Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

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8:55AM: Keynote: The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Break Through Performance In Your Career & Life

Three million people have learned the secret to reaching their true potential - now it’s your turn. You are meant to do extraordinary things in your career and your life and the 5 Second Rule will help you achieve it. So sit back and enjoy our morning keynote with Mel Robbins, an expert on leadership and defeating doubt, an Award-winning CNN commentator, Best-Selling author, and motivational powerhouse. 

10:00AM: Break


10:15AM: Episerver Find Roadmap

We've already made many improvements to Episerver Find, the enterprise search solution built in to the Digital Experience Cloud, and we don't plan to stop there. In this session, learn about the direction we are going with Find and how it will positively impact your business. 

10:15AM: Digitizing Traditional Retail: A Case Study with Lacks Valley Furniture

Lacks Valley Furniture was founded in 1935 as a traditional furniture retailer. In 2015, they began the digital transformation process that would bring them into the 21st century with a powerful e-commerce site powered by Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. In this session, the digital teams from Lacks and Adage will detail the challenges and process of bringing a family-owned business from static pages to a high quality user and customer experience. The teams will discuss the motivation for the project, as well as the UX research that provided the foundation for the new e-commerce website. 

10:15AM: It's Alive! Maximizing Your Content Laboratory with Episerver

Mad scientist or brilliant innovator? There's a fine line between insanity and genius. And, if you're like most digital marketers, you've got a lot of genius to prove. Put on your lab coat, sharpen up your scientific method, and join The C2 Group as they review specific ways Episerver can help your team experiment its way toward exceptional digital experiences. C2 will pair a proven methodology - honed over hundreds of CMS implementations - with Episerver's specific tools to create a virtual laboratory that will have your C-suite screaming "It's Alive!" at your next marketing meeting.

11:00AM: Break


11:15AM: Gain more Insight with persistent visitor intelligence

Looking to take personalization to the next level? Episerver Insight provides behavioral intelligence and clickstream tracking, giving marketers 

11:15AM: Modern Digital Marketing: Top 3 Opportunities for the Savvy Marketer in 2017

The best opportunities are usually those that nobody talks about. In this session, we go beyond buzzwords and general trends and look at the real digital marketing landscape in 2017. We will show you where some of the biggest opportunities are and review step-by-step what you can do to get ahead of the crowd. We will cover the latest developments within SEO and social marketing, as well as give you a 3-step process for how to supercharge your on-site conversion rates. 

12:00PM: Lunch


1:05PM: Panel: Customer and Analyst Q&A

What better way to return from lunch on day two of Episerver Ascend than with our special panel of invited guests. Linked to Episerver's Digital Ninety-Nines program that celebrates Women in Technology, our panel features four very different women with very different views - and is sure to be as educational as it is lively! Join Jessica Fardin, Episerver's own Head of Worldwide Marketing, as she moderates.

2:15PM: Artificial Intelligence (AI) within reach: Delivering enhanced customer experiences

Over the past few years, tech giants have accelerated investment in AI and Machine Learning in order to deliver the next generation of user experiences to customers. We'll look at ways companies have begun to leverage those advancements, and learn how to design and build AI into your customers' experience right now.

2:15PM: Shift: Bracing Your Business for the Seismic Changes That Will Transform Your Digital Strategy

Learn how the largest privately held digital agency in North America is helping to transform clients' digital strategy and user experiences through a deeper understanding of customers' needs, digital trends and market opportunity. 

In this 45-minute session, you will learn:

  • Evidence-based insights around the macro trends driving digital transformation
  • Rightpoint's approach to digital strategy and enablement
  • Real-world client examples and outcomes
  • Practical steps to start evolving

2:15PM: Transforming and re-positioning a B2B company in 18 markets

Bisnode is a leading European smart data and analytics company, and a pioneer in the industry. Digital marketing plays a core role in Bisnode's business transformation and has two goals: (1) re-position the company in 18 markets and local languages and (2) strengthen the alignment between marketing and sales. 

The new site built on Episerver is the central hub for the company's ecosystem of channels and products. It was developed through a truly customer-centric approach of service design by a cross-functional and interdisciplinary team that involved the customer from the very start, throughout the design and development process. Along with that, came the transformation of the digital marketing organization itself to take a leap into the digital era of B2B marketing.

2:15PM: Connecting the dots from anonymous visitor to customer

Visitors have different preferences and finding their triggers can be complicated, because today's customers no longer respond to the one-size-fits-all messaging. Driving a substantial increase in website conversions is about delivering the right message to the right visitor. You need to be able to personalize your website content and present your website visitors with contextualized information that is relevant to them. In this session, we will tackle real world examples of how to complete a website visitor's digital jounrey from anonymous to identified customer utilizing out-of-the-box Episerver functionality.

3:00PM: Break


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3:15PM: Turn Your Website into Your Best Sales and Marketing Tool

Help Wanted: Experienced Sales and Marketing Person to lead our business to exponential growth - Must excel at lead generation; must be a "people person" and develop lasting personal relationships with prospects and customers; must be a thought leader in the industry, offering important insights into problems and solutions; must be good at breaking through the noise of our competitors' sales/marketing efforts to help us stand out in the crowd; must be savvy in the latest sales/marketing technologies to be more efficient and productive; must be able to show upper management what results you are getting.

Before you post this job on your website - take a closer look at your website itself! You may already have the "employee" you need to solve these problems. 94% of all business buyers perform research online before making a purchasing decision. Your website is most likely the first touch that any potential customer will have with your organization. Will they find your site? Does your site offer relevant, personalized content? Will they continue to engage with your site after they are customers? If your website isn't up to the job, join Allison Casey, Digital Marketing Director at WSOL, as she provides insights and ideas on how to turn your website into your best sales and marketing employee.

3:45PM: How to Leverage Episerver Scalability to Empower a $5B Company

When Emerson decided to spin-off the Emerson Network Power platform, the team was challenged to completely re-brand the company. Out of this effort, Vertiv emerged as an industry leader with a fresh and modern public face. Find out how Episerver technology, Luminos Labs implementation expertise, and Vertiv vision combined to launch a new brand.

4:00PM: Break


4:30PM: Because Good Enough Isn't a Strategy: Tax Compliance Trends of Leading Commerce Companies

The retail industry has undergone tremendous transformation, with the single biggest disrupter being online shopping, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. In just four years, e-commerce spending in the US alone has grown 62% to $327 billion. In an industry with unique compliance challenges, leaders are finding ways to reduce the risk and effort of filing and remitting tax.

This session will cover how some of the biggest and most leading commerce companies offloaded sales tax compliance and achieved the following:

  • Cut their monthly returns prep and filing work in half
  • Avoided overpayment 90% more often
  • Passed audits without penalty 50% more often


4:30PM: Embrace Digital Transformation: Not to force change, but to thrive and adapt to a scaling business

Absorbing B2B customers' demands for access to detailed and accurate product and brand information, along with ultimately accomplishing goals of consolidating a flourishing digital landscape were key initiatives in our digital transformation. Episerver is the engine that drives our transformation and provides our business with a consolidated digital experience that empowers our organization to embrace change.

4:30PM: - Lessons Learned from Expanding an Off-Price Retailer into E-commerce

Florida-based retailer Bealls Inc. reviews their successes and lessons learned in launching their first-generation e-commerce site for off-price brand Burkes Outlet on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, two years in. 

5:15PM: Break


5:30PM: Why Content Projects Fail and How to Prevent It

The content management implementation failure rate is higher than it should be, and projects seem to fail for the same cluster of reasons - unrealistic requirements, expectations, human factors, etc. In this session, Deane Barker will discuss the major reasons for project failure learned through almost two decades of implementation experience, and discuss strategies and policies to put in place at each stage of the project to prevent them.

5:30PM: Launching in China: Lessons in Globalization

Launching a foreign language website isn't easy. This year, Walmart launched WalmartOne China. Two of the main tools used to help make this launch possible were Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and's GlobalLink. Attend this session to learn some tips and tricks anyone launching or maintaining a foreign language site should keep in mind. 

7:00PM: Final Night Party: Episerver Rising

As the sun sets and the night begins at the close of the second day at Episerver Ascend, there’s only one place to go to be seen, and that’s at Episerver Rising. Once again, we will be taking over the legendary Las Vegas Marquee Night Club to create a movement of our own.   

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