Tech Leaders - Tuesday

7:30AM: Breakfast


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8:45AM: Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

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8:55AM: Keynote: The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Break Through Performance In Your Career & Life

Three million people have learned the secret to reaching their true potential - now it’s your turn. You are meant to do extraordinary things in your career and your life and the 5 Second Rule will help you achieve it. So sit back and enjoy our morning keynote with Mel Robbins, an expert on leadership and defeating doubt, an Award-winning CNN commentator, Best-Selling author, and motivational powerhouse. 

10:00AM: Break


10:15AM: Episerver Find Roadmap

We've already made many improvements to Episerver Find, the enterprise search solution built in to the Digital Experience Cloud, and we don't plan to stop there. In this session, learn about the direction we are going with Find and how it will positively impact your business. 

10:15AM: Digitizing Traditional Retail: A Case Study with Lacks Valley Furniture

Lacks Valley Furniture was founded in 1935 as a traditional furniture retailer. In 2015, they began the digital transformation process that would bring them into the 21st century with a powerful e-commerce site powered by Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. In this session, the digital teams from Lacks and Adage will detail the challenges and process of bringing a family-owned business from static pages to a high quality user and customer experience. The teams will discuss the motivation for the project, as well as the UX research that provided the foundation for the new e-commerce website. 

10:15AM: Doing more with Episerver and Azure App Service

Join Yochay Kiriaty, Principle Program Manager Lead for Microsoft Azure App Service, on a journey looking at some of the integration opportunities between Episerver and Azure - and get a glimpse of new features.

10:15AM: It's Alive! Maximizing Your Content Laboratory with Episerver

Mad scientist or brilliant innovator? There's a fine line between insanity and genius. And, if you're like most digital marketers, you've got a lot of genius to prove. Put on your lab coat, sharpen up your scientific method, and join The C2 Group as they review specific ways Episerver can help your team experiment its way toward exceptional digital experiences. C2 will pair a proven methodology - honed over hundreds of CMS implementations - with Episerver's specific tools to create a virtual laboratory that will have your C-suite screaming "It's Alive!" at your next marketing meeting.

11:00AM: Break


11:15AM: Contentpocalypse! A Survivor's Guide to Episerver Migration

Re-platforming 20 sites, 30 active content managers, and over 100,000 unique pieces of content required focus, commitment, and above all else, courage. Presented with such a challenge, many digital marketing departments would feel like they were under attack by undead hordes of content blocks and zombie URLs. Not this crew. They found a way to make it work and learned a lot along the way. 

Join The C2 Group's Jon Price and Moody Global Ministries' David Quigley as they present some hard-fought lessons learned during the CMS transition process. Key concepts reviewed include CMS transition planning, development considerations, arresting scope creep, and empowering content managers.

12:00PM: Lunch


1:05PM: Panel: Customer and Analyst Q&A

What better way to return from lunch on day two of Episerver Ascend than with our special panel of invited guests. Linked to Episerver's Digital Ninety-Nines program that celebrates Women in Technology, our panel features four very different women with very different views - and is sure to be as educational as it is lively! Join Jessica Fardin, Episerver's own Head of Worldwide Marketing, as she moderates.

2:15PM: Artificial Intelligence (AI) within reach: Delivering enhanced customer experiences

Over the past few years, tech giants have accelerated investment in AI and Machine Learning in order to deliver the next generation of user experiences to customers. We'll look at ways companies have begun to leverage those advancements, and learn how to design and build AI into your customers' experience right now.

2:15PM: Connecting the dots from anonymous visitor to customer

Visitors have different preferences and finding their triggers can be complicated, because today's customers no longer respond to the one-size-fits-all messaging. Driving a substantial increase in website conversions is about delivering the right message to the right visitor. You need to be able to personalize your website content and present your website visitors with contextualized information that is relevant to them. In this session, we will tackle real world examples of how to complete a website visitor's digital jounrey from anonymous to identified customer utilizing out-of-the-box Episerver functionality.

3:00PM: Break


3:15PM: Building for Marketing Optimization: All Episerver Tools vs. Third Party Tools

In this presentation, we will compare and contrast Episerver tools versus third party tools, how to decide which is right for your various marketing and "growth hacking" needs, and how to implement and optimize them.

3:15PM: Managing Your Social Intranet/Extranet with Episerver

After many years on the Ektron CMS platform, the world's largest retailer has moved their Corporate Extranet to Episerver's Digital Experience Cloud as part of a global rollout and expansion. Find out how Episerver's Expert Services, Amaze, and helped Walmart to meet their objectives to better serve their employees. 

4:00PM: Break


4:30PM: The Value of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud service

In today's fast-paced world, you need to be able to take advantage of market opportunities quickly. Episerver's DXC service offers the agility and tools to create the best digital experiences for your customers in the shortest amount of time. Offering high availability and performance, easy connectivity with other cloud services and existing business systems, the ability to manage spikes in customer demand, and a platform that's ready to seamlessly adopt the latest technology updates - it's no wonder our customers are moving up to the Digital Experience Cloud service in droves.

Considering a move yourself? Join us to learn how a move to the cloud can help you decrease your total cost of ownership, while increasing customer retention and ROI.

5:15PM: Break


5:30PM: Surviving Content Data Migration

Episerver's Expert Services team will provide a survival guide to moving content into Episerver from a previous CMS solution. We'll specifically look at how to map Ektron content to Episerver, what structures work best, and how to avoid pitfalls. We'll also introduce you to the Expert Services Content Data Migration Framework and the features of that service that are more than the traditional "lift and shift" utility.

5:30PM: Why Content Projects Fail and How to Prevent It

The content management implementation failure rate is higher than it should be, and projects seem to fail for the same cluster of reasons - unrealistic requirements, expectations, human factors, etc. In this session, Deane Barker will discuss the major reasons for project failure learned through almost two decades of implementation experience, and discuss strategies and policies to put in place at each stage of the project to prevent them.

5:30PM: Launching in China: Lessons in Globalization

Launching a foreign language website isn't easy. This year, Walmart launched WalmartOne China. Two of the main tools used to help make this launch possible were Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and's GlobalLink. Attend this session to learn some tips and tricks anyone launching or maintaining a foreign language site should keep in mind. 

7:00PM: Final Night Party: Episerver Rising

As the sun sets and the night begins at the close of the second day at Episerver Ascend, there’s only one place to go to be seen, and that’s at Episerver Rising. Once again, we will be taking over the legendary Las Vegas Marquee Night Club to create a movement of our own.   

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