A guide to Intelligent Personalisation

This guide arms you with the knowledge of how to do personalisation right, so you can get the best results and best return on investment. It draws on Peerius’ in-depth experience in working with global brands and local digital businesses to develop personalisation best practices. 


In the guide we cover:

  • Why personalise
  • New personalisation strategies
  • Personalising landing pages and email
  • Personalising product and basket pages


New Personalisation strategies

Effective ways to personalise experiences based on your specific goals, the types of visitors you have and the different channels they use.

Personalising product and basket pages

Best practices for personalising home pages, product pages, and basket pages. Get practical tips on how to present products to improve results.

Personalising landing pages and emails

How to use visitor data – from visitor profiles to contextual data based on ad clicks – to personalise landing pages and emails.

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About Peerius

Peerius, an Episerver Company, is a global leader in intelligent personalisation solutions working with over 250 retailers served from offices in the UK, Germany and the USA.

The SMART suite of personalisation tools enables Peerius to personalise each customer’s online experience, one to one and in real time across all channels including online, mobile, email, instore, call centre, personalised catalogues and print.

Each individual sees product suggestions, messages, promotions, images and banners that are personally relevant to them. The result is a proven model for increased sales and a better, richer experience for customers.