The rise of the community manager

The social media juggernaut shows no sign of stopping. Facebook alone is now used by a huge proportion of the world's population and in less than a week Google+ managed to recruit over 10m users, even while in private beta.

The fact that businesses are flocking to social channels is no surprise. But in their rush to set up Facebook pages, launch Twitter accounts and start forums, how many have thought about how best to manage these communities in the long term? Faced with a barrage of tweets, comments and likes, how many companies are really geared up to manage the social media onslaught?

Social media marketing ushers in a brave new world where the old one-way marketing techniques of the past no longer apply and where content marketing and community management reign.

We asked 250 senior marketing decision makers in the UK to tell us more about how they are approaching social media and how they will be looking to manage social channels and communities over the next few years. This report examines the results of our study and sets out best practice advice to help brands best manage their online communities and social media channels.

We've also included guidance on what brands should look for in a social media or community manager and assessed the skills that are needed to succeed in this emerging role.

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