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Episerver Announces Intelligent Content Personalization

Episerver Advance rounds out the Episerver Personalization Suite, drawing on cognitive artificial intelligence to support unprecedented content personalization at scale

Episerver, the company transforming digital experiences, today announced the launch of Episerver Advance to help organizations deliver individualized content to visitors everywhere they digitally engage.

Episerver Advance helps marketers and merchandisers solve the modern challenge of delivering relevant content to people when and where they need it. Transcending the capabilities of traditional product recommendations, Episerver Advance draws on cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) to apply rich metadata tags to content assets automatically, and then sequence the delivery of those assets based on deep analysis of data as well as a visitors real-time activity to ensure they see the best content to support their inferred intent or goals.

As a person interacts with a brand, AI-powered algorithms work behind the scenes to analyze all of an organization’s content as well as the clues the visitor provides about what they are looking for in order to present the most optimal content in the moment. Meanwhile, marketers can spend this time developing great content versus laboring over how to tag it for optimal performance or when and where to share it.

“Personalization is now table stakes for marketers, but they’re often lacking the tools they need to deliver effective personalized content throughout the digital journey,” said James Norwood, chief marketing officer and executive vice president, strategy at Episerver. “With the release of Episerver Advance, we are solving the last and most complex piece of the personalization puzzle and delivering on our promise to help organizations create individualized experiences for their customers and visitors wherever and whenever they engage.”

The launch of Episerver Advance, completes Episerver’s Personalization Suite, which also includes Episerver Personalized Find for AI-based search rankings, Episerver Reach for event-trigger based messaging, such as personalized email, SMS and push notifications, Episerver Perform for personalized product recommendations, and Episerver Insight -- released last month -- for customer journey analysis and persistent visual visitor intelligence.

Supported by Episerver’s behavioral big data store, Episerver Advance presents tailored content at different points in a person’s online journey to increase revenue and positively affect loyalty. Providing a relevant experience for both first-time visitors and repeat customers can result in lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. In fact, 44 percent of people often abandon purchases because of disappointing online shopping experiences.

Episerver’s personalization suite helps organizations of all kinds to deliver individualized content, intelligent campaigns and experience-driven commerce as part of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

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