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Episerver Find Delivers Improved Acquisition, Retention and Increased Conversion Rates

Digital marketing solutions provider applies search technology in new ways to unlock even more business value and enhance customer experience

Episerver, a global software provider for innovative ecommerce and digital marketing solutions, today announced the release of Episerver Find, a next generation search solution that helps businesses solve important acquisition, retention and increased conversions of digital marketing and ecommerce sites. The new solution offers multiple benefits for aspiring digital leaders, including agility by creating automatic landing pages and an ROI increase on existing content. With Episerver Find, organizations can better position themselves to reach new and existing customers by elevating their sites to create an enhanced user journey and ultimately drive long-term business results.

Traditional search technology, while providing inherent business value, presents challenges to marketers in terms of how to implement long-tail search strategies which are often time-consuming and labor-intensive. Episerver Find approaches search technology in a new and innovative way by allowing marketers to create a landing page of content built off of traffic from a traditional search. From a digital experience, the new solution leverages long-tail search to optimize marketing strategies so that the results are dynamically created to not only improve business efficiency from the marketer’s perspective, but also deliver a great customer experience.

“This is not just another ‘site search’ box to park on the page header, we’ve applied search technology in a strategic and innovative way,” said Bob Egner, VP of Product Management at Episerver. “This latest release is part of our long-term strategy to address key challenges of today’s ecommerce and digital marketing landscapes. Attracting customers is only part of the problem, retaining them is the major initiative. Episerver Find combines customer- behavior analytics and forward-thinking technology to simplify this traditionally difficult process. Through this solution, we’re proud to say we can provide enterprises the opportunity to improve customer experience by enhancing relevance.” 

With Episerver Find organizations are able to address three key challenges involving:

1. Acquisition: Episerver Find alleviates the daunting and labor-intensive task of providing valuable, SEO-optimized landing pages for high volumes of search queries. With the new solution, products and content can easily be presented for highly-specific search terms. Using faceting technology together with optimized editorial content, Episerver Find lets organizations quickly create landing pages that are consistently updated to reflect the best products or content for any given global search term at all times.

2. Retention: Consumers require digestible content that caters to their needs. Episerver Find allows organizations the freedom to set content and products free from internal structures. Content and products are now focused on the needs of the customer through personalization and faceted navigation. Enterprises can adjust items to every visitor, without manual changes, driving long-lasting loyalty by creating a convenient and impactful customer experience.

3. Conversion: Raising conversion rates is a major initiative and goal of any business. Episerver Find helps businesses achieve this by increasing relevance and carefully guiding customers to the product or piece of content that aligns with what they need. Auto-suggestions that learn from past behavior, related queries that encourage more specific searches and behavioral boosts that keep the most popular items for any search query at the top of the results page, all help business address the challenge or converting retention into conversion.

Folk High Schools, a company focused on adult education enlisted Episerver’s Find solution to help potential and current students chose courses based on content searches and predictive analytics. “Education is a competitive market and it is integral to our institution that we drive traffic and ensure that we reach our conversion goals,” says Fredrik Olén, Information Service at Folk High Schools. “Episerver Find enables us to automatically present the right content to the right persona and provide students that come to our site options that align with their search, as well as a quick and simple path to conversion for those who have already predetermined what they would like to study. The new solution also guides us in how we can further optimize our content, based on behavioral analytics, which will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and drive results that are top of mind.” 

The platform also provides a brand new environment for marketers and merchandisers to explore search queries, optimize and correct the queries that do not necessarily perform to their full potential. This not only allows the customer's voice to be heard but also offers a clear benefit to merchandisers and marketers to make better business decisions based on data. These analytics offer the opportunity for enterprises to turn a problem into a solution in a matter of minutes, enhancing customer experience and optimizing retention, acquisition, and conversion, all within an organizations internal departments.

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