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Episerver sets industry-leading pace with combination of e-commerce and content management

Combination within Episerver 7.5 Commerce capitalizes on convergence in e-commerce and digital marketing trends to enable selling without selling

Episerver, a global software provider for innovative e-commerce and digital marketing solutions, today announced the release of Episerver 7.5 Commerce, a .NET e-commerce solution. Building on the success and flexibility of Episerver 7 CMS, which changed the way marketers interact with mobile channels, allowing them to create and experience what the visitor encounters, the newly available version uniquely combines e-commerce functionality with state of the art customer experience management. The updated platform allows Episerver clients to capitalize on the convergence of e-commerce and content marketing, enabling improvements in top-line revenue and average order value.

Episerver 7.5 Commerce combines content and catalog handling to allow the full complement of customer experience tools to deliver value to organizations that recognize the importance of the online sales channel. By creating a combined solution, Episerver 7.5 Commerce offers a transparent business view, beyond complex side-by-side or e-commerce led integrations that have traditionally created problems for business uses and customers for years.

"Companies need cohesive digital customer experiences, but marketing and eCommerce groups often operate in silos with differing objectives, which leads them to buy and operate independent solutions for brand content and transactions," according to a Forrester Research, Inc. report written by analysts Stephen Powers and Peter Sheldon (Content And Commerce: The Odd Couple Or The Power Couple?, November 19, 2013). "The end result? A fragmented and poorly integrated digital presence that confuses the customer, is difficult to manage, and, ultimately, leaves revenue on the table."

The new release helps marketers with the challenge of controlling their content layout, design and landing pages through tighter integration of content and commerce. Episerver 7.5 Commerce enables a 'quick launch campaign' with flexible layout control, and content and catalogue re-use, which allows merchandisers to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Marketers and merchandisers often find it too hard and too time consuming to manage product content and this latest platform helps them navigate this challenging terrain. Episerver 7.5 Commerce''s capabilities also create a more personalized experience across channels for the consumer, a top-priority for businesses that understand that customer loyalty is driven by great customer experience.

"It's obvious for people that are thinking about the future that content marketing is changing the way digital marketing moves," said Bob Egner, VP of Product Management at Episerver. "The opportunity to improve experiences for e-commerce and help marketers reach the connected consumer by enabling them to seamlessly interact with customers across channels is tremendous. Episerver is capitalizing on this new industry trend not just for B2C retail customers, but for other segments as well, such as those in B2B e-commerce who are finding their footing in this exciting new market opportunity."

The latest platform is easily integrated to help IT teams effectively streamline business processes. More information on Episerver 7.5 Commerce is available here

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