How to Drive E-commerce Success with Content Marketing

The report by Econsultancy and Episerver explores how effective content marketing is now critical for e-commerce success with lessons from major brands.

A focus on content capabilities is now critical for ecommerce success, according to the new report.

Through interviews with leading ecommerce professionals in B2B and B2C organisations, the report explores how leading brands are integrating content into ecommerce journeys, the related challenges they face and what future strategy looks like.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • The emerging theme of the growth of editorial on ecommerce sites. Brands have identified the need to engage customers around lifestyle elements such as interest areas, not just sell them products, and content is playing a vital role.
  • The benefits of providing flexibility to local markets, tailoring content to local audiences.
  • The use of external support, usually in the forms of specialist freelancers.
  • The impact of ecommerce and multichannel on content strategies.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs), the results associated with content marketing, and the challenges that can stand in the way.

Download the report to find out where major brands are investing in content marketing to drive their e-commerce growth.