Come Back Stronger with Offers from the App Marketplace

With all that is going on in the world, we are in this together, and helping you come back stronger is what we are here for. Episerver App Marketplace Partners have offers they would like to extend to our customers.

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty Special Offer

Annex Cloud's customer loyalty solution allows retailers, manufacturers and B2B companies to drive increased customer engagement and repeat purchases. In this current business environment, it's more important than ever to be laser focused on customer retention and loyalty is a huge component of any retention marketing efforts.

Annex Cloud, Episerver's only certified loyalty platform, is helping Episerver clients get their loyalty program up and running through this challenging time by offering the first 3 months free and waiving all implementation costs.

Yottaa Responds to Help Online Businesses: "Increase Site Speed with FREE RAPID CTRL offer"

Through RAPID CTRL, online brands can speed up their eCommerce sites up to 60%, resulting in better shopper engagements and increased conversions. Yottaa is offering RAPID CTRL for free to travel companies and qualified retail brands, through June 30th.

Receive your free Episerver Insights Report

At Siteimprove, we are all about healthy and high-performance websites. That’s why, together with Episerver, we are offering a free review of your website for issues with quality assurance (including broken links and misspellings), SEO and digital accessibility. Please visit our website to get your free Insights Report and check the health of your website today!

90 days free offer for Avalara’s award winning tax engine Avatax and Nexus Tool Tracker

Avalara have made their Nexus Tracker Tool free for use online. The tool takes your transactional data and maps out where you have sales tax exposure on your American sales while you get your first 3 months of your Avatax subscription for free. Tax compliance done right.

Get Pulse for Episerver now

Coria’s Pulse Personalization App for Episerver provides a simple way to extend Visitor Groups so you can instantly classify your online visitors by their lifestyle, demographics, and social interests based on the characteristics of the neighborhood they are coming from.

Coria would like to extend a free 4-hour personalization workshop and 60-day trial of the Pulse Personalization App to Episerver customers to help them more meaningfully engage with their online audiences when they sign up before July 31st.

3 Months Free + 10% off with Voicify

Voicify connects your Episerver content, business logic and media assets to Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, Cortana and chatbots like Slackbot, MSFT Teams and Twitterbot. By leveraging both platforms the content you already manage in Episerver extends its value and audience through conversational endpoints.