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One of Sweden's most visited websites - 1177 Care Guide - has been given a new platform

One of Sweden's largest websites 1177 The Care Guide has a new look and a new technical platform. And it is Knowit Experience that is behind the development.

With 12 million visits a month, 1177 is the Health Guide and Sweden's largest and most important website for health and information. Here, general information can search for information, log in to book a health visit, renew recipes or see their own journal. A few weeks ago, the site is a brand new look and a new technical platform.

The sites and services that will be on the new platform are:


Increased ease of use and easy to add new features

The new Episerver Content Cloud platform not only provides increased stability and operations and management perspectives for a variety of e-health websites. The websites will also be easier to develop in the future.

A modern collaboration with stakeholders from 21 different county councils

The work of building the new platform has been both an agile and cross-functional collaboration. One aspect that contributed to the complexity of the project is the client - 21 different county councils with a variety of stakeholders.

The agile approach means that the project has been broken down into smaller deliveries (3-week sprints). Where the first site took a long time to build - while 1177 Care Guide was developed in record time - proud that it was the largest site in the project.

A robot that handles migration

Another focus of the project has been to work on time and cost effectively. In addition to a series of automated testers of the site, an administrative robot has been used to migrate all content.

''The care guide contains thousands of pages and it is important that what stands where it is right, both medically and linguistically. The robot minimizes tedious work and eliminates the human factor'', Sebastian Vidovic from Knowit.

Security and accessibility important components

Accessibility is an important part of building Sweden's largest meeting places for e-health. Both in terms of written design, interface and content. Therefore, the team has tested the sites both on the basis of technical availability but also through user tests with people with different functional variations.

''We are very proud of this project, which is close to Knowit's vision of a sustainable and human society through digitalisation and innovation'', says Sebastian Vidovic.

Safety has also been a top priority throughout the project with advanced and automated testers.

''We also tested load to test the site's capacity. What if 100,000 Swedes get the flu? Then 1177 is the most important channel for self-service''.

We are extremely proud of having successfully developed and of Sweden's most visited websites on a completely new technical platform. We have created a common platform for a number of different websites - where 1177 The Care Guide is the crown of the work

Sebastian Vidovic

Customer Manager Knowit Experience

Project Facts
1177 uses Content Cloud

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