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Bank of Cyprus

Focussing heavily on digital transformation

Shifting customers from physical to digital

Bank of Cyprus Holdings PLC is the largest financial services company in Cyprus. The company is organized into operating segments based across Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Greece, Romania and Russia.

Bank of Cyprus is the oldest and most recognisable banking institution in the country, providing services for mainly personal customers, but also large corporates, international customers as well as wealth banking & investments.

With a history spanning over 100-years, they were keen to spearhead the digital banking revolution for their customers. Today, the bank is focusing heavily on delivering digital transformation by adapting to changing customer behaviour.

‘’Where are we going in the future? We're going towards the digital transformation and the digital channels. We don't want the customers to visit [physical] branches - we want most of them to do their banking online.’’
Christos Theodoulou, Senior Digital Officer, Bank of Cyprus

Creating a new digital business model

Bank of Cyprus have embraced the digital age of banking with their Episerver enabled online platform. Digitalizing interactions with customers comprises of sharing relevant, detailed information about their products and services to the numerous customer segments they serve. Their mission, to pave the way for online banking, comes with challenges they are masterfully navigating. To sway customers away physical branches, they have introduced lower rates and free-of-charge product offers only accessible online.

‘’Another good thing that we are doing is we are changing our website in a more modern, easy, friendly experience for visitors.’’
Christos Theodoulou, Senior Digital Officer, Bank of Cyprus

Using Episerver Content Cloud, Bank of Cyprus provides an intuitive site that helps guide visitors searching for financial lifestyle products.

‘’We want to provide customers with reliable, correct, and easy to find information to serve them the best we can. We want to be clear; we want to be straight to the point and give people what they are looking for.’’
Christos Theodoulou, Senior Digital Officer, Bank of Cyprus

Architecting a purpose-driven site

Bank of Cyprus organize their site in a smart way, through a content hierarchy based on templated page types. This design helps eliminate pages that are not of value and reduces content duplication. As a result, this ensures a smoother experience for customers as there’s no need to seek through heaps of pages for specific information.

This architecture also supports the bank’s customer acquisition techniques. They are attracting younger demographics who view digital banking as standard and are more accustomed to digital lifestyle tools.

Without ignoring traditional routes to market, and those who are not digitally savvy, Bank of Cyprus employ campaigns to promote their digital channels including digital payments. The team are on a journey to provide relatable experience for each individual visitor, avoiding generic content, and helping serve the right information to the right segment of people.

In future, Bank of Cyprus will focus their website on personalization including getting to grips with understanding customer user profiles more in-depth.

‘’As a bank, we trying to change the way we think and our mentality through our website.’’
Christos Theodoulou, Senior Digital Officer, Bank of Cyprus

People are working from home, so banking should also be offered off branches and from other digital points. We need to achieve personalization, and we have the tool in Episerver.

Christos Theodoulou

Senior Digital Officer Bank of Cyprus

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