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Copenhagen Airport

Reaching new heights with an agile Digital Experience Platform


savings on Customer Services


revenue growth on airport shopping sites


increase in average order value

The Challenge

Copenhagen Airport, the largest airport in Scandinavia, serves as the major airport for both Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden and hosts the largest shopping center in Denmark. Every day the company's 1,900 employees serve up to 50,000 passengers.

Copenhagen airports recognized that travel can be stressful, and with so many people travelling in and out every day, the company decided they needed a complete workaround of the digital customer experience to better serve their needs. The company decided to create online touchpoints for customers, including duty-free pre-order, flight and passenger information, and the ability to research and book parking. Two of the key goals were to ensure that customers could self-serve and find information on the website, to alleviate the pressures on their customer service department, and to ensure the website can scale to compensate for spikes in traffic. 

The Solution

Copenhagen Airports set its digital ambitions high, but they wanted to take it further. In the digital age, the idea of ‘knowing your customer’ translates into knowing precisely who needs what at which moment in time. Episerver provided a unified platform for shopping, flight and passenger information, parking, members lounge information and special offers, all within a single sign on. Using Episerver’s solutions, Episerver partner, Valtech, designed a smooth and personalised omni-channel customer journey, offering opportunities for increased engagement time and thus, business opportunities.

Copenhagen airports now identifies opportunities for engagement at every touchpoint. In the flight search process, CPH uses profiling cloud software to collect data. Next comes travel preparation and taxfree shopping: all as stress free as it can be. Product Information Management (PIM) enables smooth disclosure of product presentations in one central interface. Once at the airport, the airport app, wifi, and mobile points of sale (POS) engage the traveller even more. And after arrival at the destination it continues and eventually it starts all over again with booking or preparing for the next flight.

We've seen the spend at around two and a half times higher than what they spend coming to the airport. The customer comes better prepared because we have these online touchpoints, and they will shop more.

Jonas Müller

Head of eCommerce Copenhagen Airports

Project Facts
Copenhagen Airport. uses Content Cloud

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