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Plak Smacker

Plak Smacker drives online adoption and scales for growth with Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite

Transforming to digital to support evolving needs of buyers

Plak Smacker was founded in 1986 by a hygienist who saw the challenges that her orthodontic patients had maintaining good hygiene. She could not find a fitting solution for her patients, so she created one. Thirty years later, her design remains one of the market-leading dual-head toothbrushes.

Plak Smacker has expanded their offering to include orthodontic supplies, practice-branded personalized toothbrushes and thousands of other products that help orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general practitioners improve the patient experience, bolster their marketing efforts and support at-home care for patients.

Like other B2B industries, there is consolidation and acquisition happening within Plak Smacker’s customer base. There are somewhere around 130,000 dental offices, but large organizations are starting to acquire them. Professional buyers from large organizations generally don’t want to deal with rep phone calls and would prefer web-based solutions.

Recognizing the changing nature of the industry and the evolving needs of their buyers, Plak Smacker ventured on a journey of digital transformation. They needed to give practitioners simpler ways to buy online. The journey started with a legacy eCommerce system that Plak Smacker eventually outgrew.

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From turnkey to best-in-class

Plak Smacker’s initial eCommerce system was not easy to manage, which held them back from making changes to better serve their customers. They were not able to manage it internally. Every change required relying an external consultant, which was not ideal for their growing business.

Making matters more difficult, the original platform wasn’t integrated with Plak Smacker’s ERP. Siloed systems meant misaligned pricing and time consuming, manual order entry.

One of Plak Smacker’s most popular categories of products is their customizable branded toothbrushes. Selling this product required numerous touchpoints from employees in sales, customer service and operations in order to complete orders, which was a less than ideal situation.

After identifying pain points across their legacy eCommerce system, Plak Smacker was ready to make an investment in a more sophisticated solution. As a supplier of numerous B2B products, they needed a solution that understood their complex business and seamlessly integrated with their ERP.

Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite provided Plak Smacker the ability to:

  • Integrate with their ERP
  • Eliminate manual order entry
  • Eliminate product, inventory and price mismatch between the ERP and eCommerce
  • Leverage an online product configurator, creating a user-friendly product customization experience
  • Automate the personalization process
  • Easily and cost-effectively manage the eCommerce system from the Admin Console

Driving adoption and scaling for growth

After launching Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite, Plak Smacker’s team and buyers were better enabled to do their jobs. Today, the team can easily make changes to the platform and buyers are satisfied with online purchasing options. Plak Smacker’s goal is to double their revenue online. Plak Smacker is working to make the website more integrated into their sales and lead generation process.

Since Plak Smacker drives growth via acquisition, the eCommerce solution had to be flexible enough to accommodate growth. With Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite, Plak Smacker is positioned for the future.

Project Facts
Plak Smacker uses Commerce Cloud

See the result at www.plaksmacker.com

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