Customer FAQ - August 2020

Strategic Rationale



Who is joining the Episerver family?

We are excited to announce Episerver has signed a definitive agreement to acquire San Francisco-based experience optimization company, Optimizely. This event marks the largest acquisition in Episerver’s history and introduces a new industry standard for digital experiences platforms. The process will take about four weeks to the close, during which Optimizely will remain as a standalone entity. Please note this timing is subject to change.

Does the acquisition of Optimizely change Episerver’s strategic goals?

Our goal has always been to build world class digital experience solutions that would enable you to create leading experiences for your customers. We do this to fulfill our mission of empowering companies to compete digitally - regardless of industry or size. To deliver a digital experience that leaves an impression on customers, you require a Digital Experience Platform built on the promise of speed, agility and scale. With these fundamental features, the benefit will be to create and optimize at every digital touchpoint and know your customers better – who matters, what they want, and how to deliver it in real time – ultimately driving better business outcomes. This can be accomplished with the proposed acquisition of Episerver + Optimizely which will introduce the most advanced digital experience platform for organizations to build superior experiences based on evidence-driven business outcomes.

How does acquiring Optimizely help meet Episerver’s goals?

Our intent to bring Optimizely’s capabilities into the Episerver stack will allow you to test your ideas, whether it's a new headline, new campaign, or new offer. Optimizely’s core focus is to enable marketers, editors, and developers to quickly validate messaging and optimize experiences based on your customers’ interactions with your content. Marketers today make far too many decisions based on guesswork. Optimizely gives the tools you need to make data-driven decisions in real time.

How does the acquisition differentiate Episerver in the market?

Bringing Episerver’s ability to create personalized digital experiences through content and commerce with Optimizely’s ability to experiment and optimize at every stop along the customer journey will allow digital teams to build experiences that get smarter the more customers use them. This is the real differentiator: content (Episerver) + optimization (Optimizely) + recommendations (Idio, now a part of Episerver Intelligence Cloud) can introduce a remarkable level of customer intelligence to digital teams. This data can then be automatically absorbed into the system to enhance in-the-moment interactions, then accrues the intelligence to improve outcomes over time, in a continuous, self-learning manner. Today, this is incredibly difficult to do - so much of these digital experience decisions are limited to guesswork or the mandates of executives. With Episerver + Optimizely, we intend to empower digital teams to uncover what content is working, what messages are resonating, which individuals to target and how to best increase conversions − all based on scientific, evidenced-backed data to drive superior business outcomes. This combination truly has the power to create a new community of digital experience leaders.

Why is this important to Optimizely and Episerver Customers?

If you are an existing Episerver customer, this combination will be more important because you will be able to create and optimize in one platform. You can leverage behavioral data and outcomes in your decision making for your digital experiences – from authoring to merchandising – reducing the guesswork involved in meeting business objectives and driving optimal outcomes. Our intent is to allow you to optimize the digital experience for your customers.

If you are an existing Optimizely customer, this combination will be important because you can expect new capabilities in your roadmap that bring creation and optimization closer together, reducing the guess work involved in enhancing experiences and bridging the gap between you and your customers.

How specifically does Optimizely help Episerver?

We aim to have even greater capabilities to support your mission to become more customer-centric and to achieve higher returns on your investments in digital experience. By combining the functionalities, both goals are achievable: Customers can experiment on the design and business logic of their digital experiences to drive greater satisfaction and engagement, and they can improve outcomes that lead to higher revenue.

How specifically does Episerver help Optimizely?

Optimizely customers love the Optimizely solution but also look for additional capabilities in their roadmap, and further integration of experimentation into their core digital processes. Episerver aims to accelerate Optimizely’s roadmap: Bringing incremental value through offerings like Content Recommendations to Optimizely customers surfaces new use cases. Episerver integrates experimentation into the core of the creation process: Over time, the combined value of CMS and Commerce tied closely to experimentation will lead companies to reassess if they can receive more value from using Episerver/Optimizely as their entire digital experience platform.

About Optimizely



Tell me more about Optimizely

Founded in 2010, Optimizely is a leading experimentation and optimization company that helps global brands test and target messaging, personalize campaigns, and ultimately drive greater customer engagement and substantial business outcomes. The platform is comprised of A/B and multivariate testing and personalization tools. These powerful, easy to use solutions, enable customers to uncover what messages, imagery, and offers help increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value. More than 900 customers including well-known brands such as Nike, Peloton, Stubhub and HP benefit from Optimizely’s optimization platform.

Where does Optimizely currently operate?

Optimizely headquarters are in San Francisco, California. The company also has offices in Netherlands, Germany, U.K. and Australia. Most of Optimizely’s customers are in North America but they work with customers all over the world. The application is currently hosted in North America and is GDPR compliant


How large is the combined company now?

The combined company (following regulatory closings) will have some 1100 employees in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific; and Optimizely will bring close to 900 customers to the Episerver community.

Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Please contact your customer success manager or account manager. We’re excited to share more about Episerver’s intent to acquire Optimizely!