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Web Content Recommendations and Content Intelligence

Attention Episerver Customers! Are you maximizing the value of your content?

Episerver knows that its users create valuable experiences for their customers using our CMS platform, and in order to give marketers the best tools to optimize that experience, we have acquired Idio, now known as Content Recommendations and Content Intelligence.

What does that mean for me?

Only customer centric brands will win and stay ahead of the competition – we’re here to help you deliver a customer centric customer experience. Our new offering lets you recommend content to your customers and site visitors at an individual level, rather than just for a group of people who are similar.

So, why did we enhance our products?

You, our customers, talked to us and told us what you wanted. With in-depth research, we discovered how we could help solve some of your problems. 

With this acquistion, we're able to help you give your customers a digital experience with customer-centricity at its core. 

How Web Content Recommendations and Content Intelligence is solving your challenges:

  • How do I know if I need more or less of a certain type of content?

    Content Intelligence uses NLP to understand topics your content is about and links to the need of your visitors, highlighting deficits and saturation.
  • What type of content are my customers looking at and how does it impact their journey?

    Our interest profile gathers preferences at the individual level for both known and unknown customers based on their unique journey, and adjusts the profile based on behavior over time.
  • How can I automate recommendations based on goals?

    Web Content Recommendations deliver the best message for each person based her unique intent at that moment.

How does it work?

Using NLP technology to examine content and users on your site, Episerver is now able to deliver enhanced Web Content Recommendations and Content Intelligence through our platform. Allow machine learning to analyze purchase intent and trends to identify the next-best action for your customers, and optimize your site in three major ways:
  • Conversion

    Capture more users into your marketing funnel by delivering them the right content at the right time. Monitor and track your goals through the Web Content Recommendations dashboard to see how creating personalized experiences improve lead capturing and acquisition.
  • Engagement

    Creating more relevant experiences for your customers leads to increased brand engagement. Reduce bounce rates and increase pages per session with the help of content recommendations as a way to keep key customers engaged longer.
  • Efficiency

    Save time and energy for your content creators by providing the intelligence and analysis that helps them work smarter and more efficient. If your marketers know what trends and topics and are showing relevance with your users, then next best piece of content to create becomes the most optimal one driven by data.

Content Recommendations & Content Intelligence

Web Content Recommendations

Add Web Content Recommendations to your platform to personalize content for each visitor. It automatically predicts the interests and intent of every individual to deliver hyper-relevant, engaging content.

Content Intelligence

Add Content Intelligence to your platform to analyse your content. It automatically provides you with a real-time view of the content you have produced including the topics mentioned and their performance.

Click on the tabs below to read more about each of the features.

Web Content Recommendations

Web Content Recommendations lets you personalize content for each visitor. It automatically predicts the interests and intent of every individual to deliver hyper-relevant, engaging content. With so many content assets, it’s challenging to present the right message to the right person across all interactions. With our AI-generated interest profiles and predictive recommendations you can keep site visitors better engaged. Whether they are a known or anonymous visitor, Web Content Recommendations helps you shorten the path to conversion.

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Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence enables you to analyze your content. It automatically provides you with a real-time view of the content you have produced including the topics mentioned and their performance. Episerver’s Content Intelligence automatically indexes, analyzes and categorizes your content against up to 25 million topics, to turn unstructured content data into a structured content hub. Natural Language Processing analyses your content in real-time to provide understanding about your content and how it is performing.

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Watch our webinar to learn more!

In this 45 minute webinar, we show you what this acquisition means for you as an Episerver customer and how you can use Web Content Recommendations and Content Intelligence in your Episerver platform. Episerver experts, Deane Barker and Jeff Cheal walk you through the value of automating 1:1 marketing at scale and demo it in the Episerver platform. 

Watch it now!

Contact us

If you’d like to learn more about this new toolset, contact us today! Now is the time for you to create smarter, optimized experiences on your website, and let Episerver’s Intelligence Cloud tools help drive the way. 

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