Product naming update

After extensive research into brand, audience and market focus we have decided to simplify our product names to align with customer and prospect expectations. Content Cloud, Commerce Cloud will be the two flagship products with data, recommendations and analytics capabilities provided from Intelligence Cloud all three are part of the newly branded Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform.

Here are many of the names you recognize and what they will be now:



Digital Experience Cloud

Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform


Content Cloud


Commerce Cloud

CMS (on-prem)

Content On-prem

Commerce (on-prem)

Commerce On-prem


Search & Navigation


Marketing Automation


Visitor Intelligence


Content Recommendations


Product Recommendations


Email Recommendations

Personalized Find

Personalized Search & Navigation




New products and product names


Customer Data Platform


Content Intelligence


Email Content Recommendations


Content Retargeting (coming soon)

Why are we doing this?
Simply… to simplify. To better match what you, our customers, are looking for and speak more fluidly about our products. This will clarify and expedite discussions about products and capabilities.

When is this taking place?
It is important to highlight that we are working with these names moving forward, vs. going back in history. Over time all our properties will adopt our naming, though we do not need to race to re-name every piece of content we have immediately. Our presence is our first handshake with our audience and will be the first instance of our new names. Product, documentation, education and additional properties will adopt the names over time.

Is DXC going away?
Yes. The Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform, (or DXP), will be the top level name of our capabilities. Any and all products are in the DXP. For example, a customer using Content Cloud and Marketing Automation are using two products in the DXP.

What about the bundles?
We will simplify and streamline those as we evolve. For the meantime, the bundles are still applicable, and we will refer to the new product and module names within.

Does this change licensing, pricing or contracts?
Not yet, we operate all aspects of the business as usual. Content Cloud and Commerce Cloud are names used to refer to the content and commerce products & capabilities. Intelligence Cloud provides a home for our data driven AI Personalization products which you may already be licensed to use individually, it does not mean that you have access to all capabilities in Intelligence Cloud.


+ I am an on-prem CMS customer, not on your Cloud Service. Is my solution still Content ‘Cloud’?

No. Customers with their CMS not on our Cloud Service are referred to as, ‘Content On-prem’.

+ When is this taking place?

Now. Over time all our properties will adopt our naming. Product, documentation, education and additional properties will adopt the names over time.

+ Will my contract be changed to reflect?

No contractual changes are required for this type of change.

+ Where can I find descriptions of each of these products and features?