Language-as-a-Service by EasyTranslate

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EasyTranslate is a Translation Management System that seamlessly integrates multilingual content within Episerver through automation. We offer a 14-day free trial.

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Streamline your translation process within the Episerver software thanks to EasyTranslate’s easy-to-use plugin. The entire process is automated so that you no longer need to extract any text or files. Instead, the translation material is automatically transferred from your system to ours, and we carry out your translation project for you and deliver it back within your own system so that it is ready to be published.



A fully automated process to reach an international audience with quality, affordable translations. Launch translations at the click of a button and receive your multilingual content right within your system.

Review and publish content within Episerver.

From strings and text segments to entire pages.

Your localised content will optimise your ROI.

Work with internal and/or external translators.

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