Become an Episerver Certified Developer

Developers build websites that perform and scale well and enable content editors, marketers, merchandisers, eCommerce managers, and so on, to deliver unique customer experiences. Building reliable, secure and resilient marketing websites is a big job. A way to advance your career in the Episerver development world and to gain benefits, like discounts on Episerver Developer Subscriptions, is to become an Episerver certified developer by passing one of our certification exams.

How do I best prepare for a certification exam?

Hands-on experience with the platform is required to successfully pass Episerver certification exams. Episerver technical trainings are designed to introduce and expose you to the skills and competencies necessary to build and implement Episerver solutions, as well as what is required to pass a certification exam. Because the exam also focuses on the application of the skills beyond what is taught in the courses, experience, or practice in addition to training is strongly recommended before attempting to take the exam.

If you have access to one of our developer subscriptions to Content Cloud or either of the Commerce Clouds, you will find a certification exam support in each which are excellent ways to prepare you.

You can find some additional support by reviewing the knowledge and skills areas for each exam found in the PDFs below: 

Content Cloud knowledge areas

Commerce Cloud knowledge areas

B2B Commerce Cloud knowledge areas

Exam information

All exams are given by a remote exam system on a pre-scheduled date that you choose. You will be given 2 hours to answer approximately 70 questions. The exam is currently available only in English.

What can I expect when taking the exam?

Approximately 24 hours before the exam start, you will receive an e-mail from Episerver containing the URL and login details for the remote exam system. When it is time for you to take the exam, you will be asked to show a valid photo ID and prompted to scan the room you are in with your webcam. Once you have done so, you will be asked to use the login details provided in the email. Please remember that the entire exam session is recorded. You will receive your result immediately after the completion of the exam. Please note that if you pass the exam, you will receive official verification and confirmation of your results within 10 working days. Certification is valid for 2 years.

Frequently asked questions

+ What is the latest I can sign up for a certification exam?

The latest you can sign up for an exam is 4 full working days beforehand.

+ What is the cancellation policy for a certification?

You may canel your sheduled certifcation exam up to 10 days before the exam takes place.

+ I did not pass my certification exam. How long must I wait until I can take it again?

You need to wait for 21 days before you can take the exam again.

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