Idio, an Episerver Company is at SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit

Idio, An Episerver Company is at Forrester’s SiriusDecisions Summit. This virtual event is the must-attend experience for the B2B community. Please join us and mingle with sales, marketing and product innovators and trendsetters. Make sure you are among the leaders that drive growth in the most well-respected high-performing companies in the market today. A digital transformation is coming so get ready for it with our talented team that can answer all your marketing questions. Come back stronger.

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Mon, May 4, 9:00 AM -
Thu, May 7, 1:00 PM CDT

Idio, an Episerver Company is at SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit

Idio, an Episerver Company is at SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit

You can find Idio and Episerver’s team at our virtual booth. In addition, please join us during our case study presentations with Genpact and HPE. 


Case Study with Genpact: May Tuesday, May 5th: 11:20-11:40am 


Julian Billups  


Head of web and web strategy 


Activating Intent data within your marketing technology strategy 

Genpact’s marketing organization wanted to automate customer personalization and increase engagement on their website. Leveraging a best-in-class marketing tech strategy, focused on automation and intelligence, they worked with Idio to deliver a customer experience tailored to each individual.  


In this session, we’ll share quick-win results, showcase actioning digital data for insight, and the impact on our Genpact’s ABM strategy. 


Key Questions That You Will Have Answered 

  • How we practically operationalized intent data within ABM to drive business value 
  • What framework we used when thinking through our technology strategy 
  • How we action digital data for insight throughout our reporting model 



Case Study with HPE: Wednesday, May 6th: 12:35-12:55pm 



Gabrielle Boko 

Global Vice President Digital 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 


Explore how Idio provides one of the core datasets used by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise marketing team 


With over 13,000 articles and gated assets available across the HPE website, providing a 

relevant content experience for prospects and customers alike is a huge challenge at the 

individualized level. The prohibitive business cost of manually building business rules to 

do this for every visitor required the organization to turn to machine-learning to achieve 

marketing efficiencies and scale. 


In this case study, learn how HPE used Idio’s solution to:  

  • Automate the delivery of relevant content on web channels 
  • Increase the number of form fills by showing more relevant and valuable gated assets 
  • Reduce time spent by the marketing team building automation rules