Content Management

Most forward-thinking marketing teams today have already put content marketing at the center of their marketing efforts. However, as operations scale, collecting, managing and publishing content can become an overwhelming process. Having the right content management system (CMS) in place is critical to long-term success. Here, you can find tips and inspiration about how to succeed at content management. Topics include everything from what features to look for when selecting the best content management system for your needs, to how to personalize content and optimize conversions.

What is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that allows multiple users to create and manage digital content. The type of CMS that enables the creation and management of content on websites is called a web content management (WCM), but today these terms are generally used interchangeably.

The secret to successful content marketing

One of the greatest challenges content marketers face today is adopting a customer-centric mindset. Although it may feel natural to make your products and services the star of your content, content marketing should never feel like advertising. Successful content marketing requires that you understand the true needs and challenges of your customers. Content should feel relevant and offer something useful.

The best content management systems support you and your team as you strive to achieve true customer centricity and other marketing goals. Once solely a platform for creating and managing digital content, the CMS has now become marketing teams’ tool of choice for driving sales, working smarter, delivering relevant and engaging content, and facilitating deeper customer relationships.

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