Email marketing

Email marketing is not dead, on the contrary studies show the number of email users worldwide are multiplying year after year. What’s more, email marketing boasts one of the highest ROIs of all marketing channels. Clearly email is, and will continue to be, one of the most valuable tools for B2B and B2C marketers. Here you’ll find content that will help you utilize this channel to its fullest potential. Topics range from software feature selection to how to drive successful campaigns with strategies like personalized content.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is technically defined as using email to distribute content or information, or to promote goods and services. But it’s much more than a commercial channel. Email marketing is also proven as an effective tool for developing and fostering customer relationships within the omnichannel customer journey. And thus, email marketing plays a vital role in lead generation and lead nurturing—especially for B2B companies.

Sending the right email at the right time

With email marketing continuing to rise in popularity, one of the key challenges email marketers face is inbox competition. If an email is sent at the wrong time or contains information that doesn’t resonate, the risk is high that it will never be opened.

For the best results, marketers need a modern toolkit and a strategy built around personalization. The ability to craft tailored content and product recommendations for each recipient and send emails at the time of day they are most likely to be opened are crucial factors for success. So-called “always-on campaigns” represent one viable approach that is helping marketers uplevel their email marketing game today. Utilizing email marketing automation allows for fast, easy, reliable and perfectly timed distribution of tailored messages, such as birthday messages, reactivation campaigns and commerce-relevant

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